January 30th, 2009

Road To El Dorado: MADE OF AWESOME

Hermit crab adventures

Yesterday I got two new hermit crabs to add to the community - a smallish fella, who Katie dubbed Spotty due to his shell patterning, and an absolutely massive sonofabitch who Rosa named 'The Fonz'.

The Fonz and Spotty stayed in a cardboard box in my bedroom overnight, awaiting transport to work the next day. During the night, The Fonz tore the inside of the box to shreds, then tore a hole in the lid. Fortunately the hole was not big enough for him to escape through. That feat would have required a hole almost the size of a tennis ball. When I got them to work this morning and attempted transfer into the community tank, The Fonz held onto the inside of the box so tightly I wound up having to cut out a square of cardboard with him attached just to get him out of there. I put crab and attached cardboard into the saltwater bowl, at which point The Fonz reluctantly let go long enough for me to remove his cardboard security blanket.

The Fonz later met Batcrab, previously the 'largest crab' titleholder. Batcrab is quite scary himself, having grown hair along the back of his legs like a tarantula since his last molt. He and The Fonz twiddled antennae at one another, The Fonz made himself look Big, and Batcrab subsequently backed down. A new pecking order is established. I've no idea where the smaller three crabs fit into said pecking order; I think they're so small, the bigger guys don't even bother noticing them.

So now we have:

1 Jumbo (The Fonz)
3 Mediums (Batcrab, Spider-Crab and Doktor Krabb, the latter who is still in the isolation tank to recover from a recent injury and infection caused by one of the superheroes)
3 Smalls (Thunder, Lightning and Spotty)

Also a whole bunch of play equipment and spare shells for them. These hermit crabs are SPOILED.

Nothing much else new to report - tonight my work friends and I are going to the Game On exhibition, the night one with live bands and such. After that, Joe and I are meeting up with greg_merlo to hang out. Saturday we're getting the car checked, and I'm thinking about renewing my Learner's licence at the same time. Sunday we're experimenting with Miracle Berry tablets.

Sometime in Feb, the coworkers and I are going on a group jaunt to the Go-Kart track, which should be awesome fun. And as for the midyear travel plans I was pondering the other day, it's starting to look like myself and possibly Joe may be accompanying rahball and his partner to the snow at Thredbo around midyear (which for the Americans reading, is the height of our Winter here).

Plans! We has them!