January 28th, 2009

Tania pratfall

Sexy exciting news

First up - the BBC has made two new Red Dwarf specials. In one of them, the guys finally make it back to earth. As gypsyjr said, "Dear powers that be: Please make this not suck."


In other news, Joe and I recently hunted down some Miracle Berry pills on eBay. Miracle Berries are these little fruits that grow in Far North QLD. When you eat one, everything you eat for an hour or so afterwards takes on a sweet flavour. This is not a subtle effect: the entire taste experience of most foods is drastically changed. Beer tastes like lemonade. And speaking of lemonade, people who've had Miracle Berries will happily nom down an actual lemon - it tastes like sherbet. Previously bland vegetables become an adventure.

The effect of Miracle Berry comes from a coating it leaves on the tongue. It is NOT a psychoactive drug in any sense. Have you ever brushed your teeth with peppermint toothpaste, then tried to drink orange juice only to find that the normally sweet deliciousness of the juice has been transformed by the peppermint? It's like that effect, only awesome instead of horrendous.

Joe's parents have advised us NOT to try eating meat while under the influence of Miracle Berry.

Anyway. We're going to hold a taste party, probably this Sunday. We'll buy an assortment of foods, pass out the Miracle Berry tablets, and commence experimentation. It is going to be AWESOME.

I'm thinking about organising a bit of horse riding for this Saturday. I've never been, and I'd love to learn. :) After this we'll probably have to ramp back the more costly of our mini-adventures in favour of saving for the Big Adventure at the end of the year though - especially with the additional cost of the car breaking down.

Having just checked on the prices, though, horse riding is cheaper than I'd expected!