January 21st, 2009

CD - Zakiya: Party Time!

Seal Swim

We did our seal swim on the weekend. It was pretty amazing - the seals alone were fantastic, but as an avid water-lover, being in a pool of that depth, size and clarity was bloody good fun too. I got in trouble for diving down without using a guide rope. I just got overexcited!

We each got to play with one of the younger seals with a strap thing... basically, a large-scale, muscular and water-bound version of the "mouse onna string" game you play with cats. Those seals are STRONG!

Derek Zoolander's Society for Really Ridiculously Good-Looking People.

We're not screaming, we're trying to be sharks.

My new best friend. Sorry Hammond, Damo, you couldn't possibly be this fabulous.


Just like a big, wet cat!


We were also planning on seeing the Scary Monument To Steve Irwin, but the day was sadly cut short. Next time!

Joe requested that I post this link to a video he took of the seals. The point of the clip is not so much the video (though it's very pretty to watch) but the music he's put to it - it's a piece he wrote for Cherax the Destructor, the little pet crayfish we had when we lived at Bond Street. Of all Joe's songs, this is one of my favourites - it sums up perfectly the slow-moving, quirky, and strangely beautiful nature of Cherax.

In other news, one of our hermit crabs at work got attacked by another shortly after his moult. The wound appears to be infected and the infection is visibly spreading (dark discolouration of his flesh under his exoskeleton). We've isolated him and are bathing him in antibiotics and salt as recommended by the hermit crab websites, but it's not looking too good for him. Still, given how hermit crabs are invariably treated when they're collected and shipped, it's amazing that we've only had one get ill so far - the death-rates of store-bought herms I'm reading about online tend to be higher.

In a circle-of-life-ish twist, we got two new small herms to add to the tank today. JB named them "Thunder" and "Lightning". They appear to have ADHD.

Also, I has a shiny new netbook. <3 Transferring all old eeePC files over tonight, then - those who expressed interest take note - it's up for grabs to whomever gets in first.

Oh yeah, and the other day Joe and I drew faces on a carton of eggs. We used the eggs over the next few days until just one was left. Joe opened the fridge one morning and the precariously-placed container slipped, and... well, this:

That facial expression turned out to be prophetic.