January 14th, 2009

Futurama: Professor: Scheming

Food Night and new laptop

Last night, hammond, radam and sigmoidal_suseq came over for a cooking night. It was awesome fun, the food was good and we got some brilliant photos, which I would be showing you right now except that the card reader here REFUSES TO WORK. D: There's a photo of me standing between Hammond and Adders that makes me look like a freaking midget.

I'm catching up with Susie again on Thursday night - gotta get my Suse-time crammed in before she jets off back to the UK. It looks like she'll be back in Oz by the middle of the year. And then she's getting a goat! Happy times! I have always wanted a goat; being a goat-aunt will be close enough to that goal for the time being (I view babies in much the same way).

I am not getting a goat; however, I did order myself a fucking gorgeous new netbook. Having realised I never use my old desktop anymore, I'm relegating it to the role of AudioVisual machine (since Hammond's old one blew up weeks after we bought it - swear to god he boobytrapped it, you just can't trust those innocent blond gay men). I do already have a teensy little functional netbook in my wonderful eeePC, but it lacks oomph - it's only good for writing and portability, whereas if I'm replacing my desktop I need something that actually, well, has a hard drive. Nevertheless, the eeePC has been a flawless machine for the year or so I've had it and if you want something to carry around with you so you can pitch it up and get writing or web surfing wherever you go, it's basically the best thing ever. I'll be selling it when my new computer arrives and I can transfer my files over. Let me know if any of you here are interested. :)

So I've got myself this rather candy-like Acer Aspire One, in blue.... delicious refreshing blue: http://www.bigbrownbox.com.au/products/computers/notebook-computers/pc/aspire-one-blue-windows.aspx

Windows OS, 120GB HDD, 1gig memory, slightly larger keyboard and screen than my eeePC, but just as light at ~1kg. I'm like Reducto from 'Harvey Birdman' - everything I own needs to be miniaturized so it's to scale with, well, me. (Donttouchme!)

My CycloDS card arrived yesterday; now I'm just waiting on the 8gig microSD card I ordered from DealExtreme.com. The wait is killing me! Aaron at work keeps tempting me with his ridiculous overabundance of free games!

We have some major Plans for this weekend. Hammond, Adders, Joey and I are going on a Mission up to the Sunshine Coast: a pilgrammage to the hideous marble statue of Steve Irwin someone foolishly erected at the beach in Mooloolaba, followed by Underwater World where we are going to SWIM WITH THE SEALS. We need to book ahead by phoning and I will probably attempt to organise this tomorrow. So excited! Dogs of the sea!