January 12th, 2009

Cats: Techno!

New years rez's / DS Games

I didn't post my list publicly this year, but it was pretty simple stuff. One of the two main items was 'lose weight', as I got pretty self-indulgent for the second half of last year and put on the chub as a result. Not too badly, but enough that I can no longer get into most of my favourite clothes, and when the choice boils down to "eat less for a while" vs "spend hundreds of dollars replacing perfectly good clothes that you LIKE", it's a pretty easy choice.

So I've been good since New Years Day - fruits, salads, etc - though I haven't got around to joining the gym yet as I'm still undecided as to whether to do that or just wait for the weather to cool slightly and start walking again. Dieting sans-exercise is already having a positive effect. I'm wearing a couple of shirts I'd stopped wearing a couple of months ago. My eyes are bigger - the weight is coming off my face first (pshaw, typical). And after flicking through some of the older photos on his camera, Joe noticed that I look visibly smaller, though I'm guessing it's still the subtle sort of change that you need 'before' photos to appreciate. Still, considering I'm only a fortnight in, I'm happy with my progress.

I'm not being perfectly strict on myself - I've had McDonalds twice in those two weeks, and Indian takeout once. But on the whole it's an improvement, and in my experience, perfect strictness eventually causes total lack of sanity, shortly followed by DIET FAIL when you realise you can't take it anymore and hoe on into the chocolates. :)

I'm not weighing myself. Not even going NEAR a set of scales. I got a wee bit too obsessed with those numbers last time. That's not the kind of weight loss I want to have this time 'round. This time it'll be more natural, slow and careful, more about how my clothes fit and how I feel than numbers on a scale which can be thrown out by up to a kilogram (2 pounds) because of water retention or Girly Times. Bugger that for a Lark.

In other news, we went ice skating with rosequoll on Friday night. Joe came a cropper on the ice, an apparently spectacular feat which drew a gasp from the stands. I was too busy skating alongside Rose chatting about Girly Things - I missed the event and only saw him moments later, standing beside the rink covered in what looked like snow. Poor Joey. He was sore all weekend.

I'm obsessed with my DS. Given how I've turned my nose up at games in the past I'm feeling more than a little red-faced. Epic fail, me! I've bought myself a CycloDS card, onto which I can store any number of downloaded games (between my coworkers I have roughly 3000 titles to choose from. I'll bet you think that number is an exaggeration.)

While I wait for the CycloDS to ship into my greedy little paws, I've bought myself a few games to tide me over - despite evidence to the contrary I really do believe in paying for quality; I will download to try something out but if I love it, eventually I'll buy it.

I'm still playing Hammond's copy of Animal Crossing (trying to get that extra level on my house!) but now my game collection also includes Viva Pinata, a fantasy gardening game where you experimentally create an environment with which to lure various species of Pinata, which you then breed, cross-breed and cultivate; Professor Layton and the Curious Village, a steampunky brainteaser-slash-mystery game, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which I admit I got almost solely based on the fangirling of reaperfox. It's a lot more linear than the other games - the complete opposite of Viva Pinata for instance - but the writing and humor really sells it.

And the breasts. So many fucking breasts. Jiggling.

Also, the humor is subtly adult at points. Subtle enough that it'd soar over the heads of children and the unprepared. Adult enough that it had me laughing out loud in a coffee shop. And, man... if Phoenix and Edgeworth DIDN'T have something goin' on at some point, I'll eat my hat. Oh Edgeworth, you can prosecute me any day. Heh heh heh. You can indict my witness whenever you please. You can cross-examine my... OK, I'll stop now.