May 28th, 2008

Mad Scientists!


I sold the washing machine, the last of my major run of Big Stuff To Sell. Many happyfaces!

All I have left for now is the pigeonholes. And after the move, I'm going to go through all my collectibles and there will be much Disneyana to sell off, including original animation drawings from Lion King 1.5, 3 Musketeers and The Proud Family. I'm also thinking of severely cutting down my collection of animation books, which currently takes up most of one ENORMOUS bookshelf. There's got to be 50+ books. They're in perfect condition, cover a huge area of knowlege, and a couple are signed - I'll be holding onto those ones. Given that the collection spans about fifteen years of searching, cash and effort, it's going to be tough to let them go... I'm not given to nostalgia though, and I prefer to look forward rather than backward. The tomes, they weigh me down!

So yeah, if you're into that sort of thing, keep those ears perked up. :) Must also get around to sending Ruby my old Disney videos!

Joe doesn't come back from Perth 'til Saturday morning now, but conveniently, the move doesn't happen 'til Sunday now anyway due to truck booking factors, so everything is slotting neatly into place. I've taken a day of leave off work tomorrow to finish the packing.

I spent last night with Mum in Northgate (whee. Northgate.), we had dinner together, chilled, watched TV and I crashed in her motel room. Doing it all again tonight. It was so good to see her, I'd forgotten how similar we are. It's strange talking with someone who completely gets where you're coming from; when they know immediately what you're saying because they've thought through all the same things in almost the same ways independently.

Mum is smoking again. -_- I half-suspected when I saw her; her face loses some radiancy when she's smoking.

I've missed Joe once or twice, but hardly as much as I'd have expected (sorry gorgeous!) because there's just been so much happening! And I'm painting at work again, which helps. Nami doesn't miss him at all, as his absence means she gets to sleep in my bed the nights I'm at home.

Richard sends me regular reports on how Jangles is doing with Beckett. Apparently both were initially unimpressed. Beckett calmed down after the first day but Jang is still hissy. It's not surprising; Beckett has to get used to a new cat but Jang has to do the same AND get used to a new house (and wonder where his mother has got to at the same time - and the little mite really is particularly attached to me in a way that Nami and Sawyer aren't. They love everyone, reserving a little extra soft spot for me as their oldest steady companion. Jang is mildly interested in everyone else but adores me. He was only ten days old when I got him, so the attachment is unsurprising... and very sweet when combined with his young-tomcat recalcitrence to be as overtly cuddly as the Lady Nami and Queen (yes, you heard me) Sawyer. ;) Girliness is in Sawyer's personality; gender is irrelevant.

I realised that most of my winterwear is kind of crap, so after Lovely Blue-Haired Eva sent me a link to the seller she got her bunny!knit!dress from, I ordered a couple for myself. And some boots. All for fabulous discount prices. Oh Ebay, I love you. Let's never fight again.