May 27th, 2008

CD - Zakiya: Geeking Out with Style


I had to get up at 6am this morning to get some files in order for brother-boy-Chris, as I'm seeing mum tonight and she can play messenger girl for him. Unsurprisingly this meant I started the day sleep-deprived and in a foul, paranoid mood, which lasted until I got off the train at Taringa and fell in walking beside a group of high school students, who started quoting 'Charlie the Unicorn' at each other. All attempts to maintain aforementioned bad mood failed in the face of an impossibly geeky private school boy singsonging "Chaaaaarlieeee... we're going to candy mountain, Chaaarrrlieeee!" right behind me.

I'm beginning to get interested in Doctor Who. And for me, "beginning to get interested" is step one of a two-step process, of which the second step is "a period of addiction spanning at least two months, during which episodes are downloaded, marathons are had, articles are read, everything there is to learn about said show/creator/story is learned, and (most sadly of all) wardrobe is influenced".

It's going to happen. There is no avoiding it. I know this feeling. It's the nausea before the vomit. The piqued interest before the short-but-intense obsession.

You bastards. Yes, you. You know who you are. There's at least three of you on my friends list who are partially responsible. Joe's parents take the rest of the responsibility, as they kept having us over on Friday nights, getting us wasted and then plonking us down in front of New-Who (the second-latest Doctor, the smarmy bloke with the short hair). When drunk, that show is AMAZING... holy crap, the episode with the gas-mask-kid? Best thing EVER! It's just so much fun and so completely terrible... Joe actually OWNS the FX program they're clearly using for most of their particle/smoke effects! I sort of fear that Who won't be anywhere near as good when viewed properly sober.

I mean, it IS crap. But it's GOOD crap. It's enjoyably bad. I love the 80's, my entire psyche is geared toward enjoyably bad entertainment.

In conclusion: you really are bastards. I'm still getting over my Jhonen Vasquez phase! I'm going to regret admitting that I had an Invader Zim dream last night... actually, that whole dream was really fucked up, I might write about it (briefly, to spare you, because generally dreams are about ten times less interesting when they're not your own).

To make matters worse, when Rosa and JB turned up to work today they started trying to get me into "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and based on their descriptions, I'm bloody well going to enjoy that too.

Screw you, fandom! I'll go, but I'll go kicking and screaming all the way!