May 25th, 2008

Llama Llama Duck

Adventure Day

Last night we went to Greg and Elizabeth's place for the Eurovision semi-final. Can I just say that all-pirate bands rock?? We came home and watched Stardust and snuggled on the couch with our friend Sian 'til late in the night (I conked out about midnight, what a party pooper) and slept in this morning.

Today was a great Sunday. It started with a lazy-sexy morning-in-bed for Joe and I, then we watched a little more of the BBC production of 'Pride and Prejudice' (that's right, the awesome Colin Firth version... yum!) then Joe started packing, then Hammond and Adders came around and we all piled into the car to go pick up cat run netting. Well, we had to leave Joe behind because he was due to leave for the office around 4:30 to catch a plane to Perth for the week and we knew that we probably wouldn't be home in time to drop him off, due to the way our mini road trips always blow out into adventures.

My cat run netting was purchased from Heather, the woman who runs Jagsun Bengals ( up in Burpengary - she was selling because their new home is further inland and she discovered to her dismay that there are a lot of snakes around the area, so they had to switch to snake wire for the enclosures, leaving her with 100 metres of unused cat netting.


She is the sole breeder of Bengal cats in Australia. I highly recommend following the link above to her website. Bengal cats are truly spectacular... tiny leopards with sure, strong voices and brisk, cheerful personalities. Heather took us around her current cat run to show us her studs, queens and litters. There is nothing like having a Bengal kitten gently chew on the end of your finger. None of the website photos capture the extraordinary colour of some of the Bengals eyes - an unnaturally pale, iridescent blue-green that most closely reminded me of mother-of-pearl.

There was a wild kangaroo lazily grazing in her backyard - he hopped over the fence when we walked up too close to him - and her dog, chained on a run, was named 'Gator'. We were warned to keep our distance from him, though the name alone was a pretty good hint. She also had a cockatoo in a cage and a number of pea-fowl which she intends to use to keep the snakes away at her new place.

On the way back we took the coastal route through Redcliffe, across a long but bizarrely old-school bridge, and through Sandgate, Toombul et al. Redcliffe and the surrounding areas, though lying along pretty coastline, seemed very quaint and undeveloped - a little like Caloundra when my family moved there fifteen years ago. I'll be investigating that area further.

On the way back, Hammond, Adders and I played our own version of Bingo where each of us in turn would be 'paired' with whatever stranger we drove past on the left-hand side of the road - a kind of fantasy lucky-draw. Given that all three of us are loosely bisexual, gender was near irrelevant. My best draws were a cute Asian girl in a phone booth somewhere in Northgate, and a scruffy young guy around Roma Street. My worst was a seventy-year-old woman at a bus stop. Adders somehow ended up landing a lot of pudgy bogan guys. :D

On the way home we stopped to pick up anti-flea ampoules for my cats, but Woolies didn't have the brand I wanted (and the vet was closed) so I tried a new brand. The ampoules only kill eggs, not grown fleas, so I also grabbed flea shampoo. It's a massive shame Joe had to leave for Perth this afternoon because he's been begging me for months to give the cats baths, but I refused to do it until there was a valid reason (besides entertainment value). Lucky Hammond, Adders and Kelly were all home to help - Hammond to hold legs, me doing shampoo and scrubbing, Adders to pass glasses, man the taps and take photos, and Kelly standing by with dry towels for cat-enveloping.

Jangles had never had a sink-bath before and was more than a little shocked, but took it pretty well. Nami has had many sink-baths and also reacted reasonably, with many a resentful stare. But Sawyer... well... Sawyer let out a series of soul-wrenching moans, and then took a pretty decent try at clawing my face off. A quick jump backwards is probably the only reason I still have a nose. :D We sent photos to Joe so he could share in the fun.

Oh! I also sold all my excess furniture, and the proceeds funded the purchase of the cat wire and the remainder will fund the moving van next weekend. Things are really starting to fall into place! The house is half-empty... my computer is on a coffee table and I'm kicking back in an armchair with the wireless keyboard on my lap.

Also, this week Mum will be in Brisbane for a convention of some sort, and she's staying in a hotel on the northside, so I'm going to spend Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the hotel with her. Monday and Thursday will be spent packing. On Saturday, the move, and on Sunday, vaccuming and general cleaning.

Currently the still-spiky Sawyer is sitting on the armchair beside me, shivering and bunning, but thankfully over his period of reproach.

And with that, I will collect a warm blanket, at least one shivery cat, and watch the remaining three hours of Pride & Prejudice with a couple of apples and a pack of mocha Tim-Tams. *g* I love being back with Joe, but during my six months of single-dom I also developed a great deal of affection for me-time (something I loved in my teenage years but had forgotten since) and I'm really looking forward to the peace and quiet of the coming week.
Cats - Sawyer: LOLZ!

I got published!

...or not. My book is still spread across thirty-odd index cards, with another thirty or so yet to write. After that, all that remains is the small matter of the first draft!

The title refers to this: A while back Hammond mentioned to me that an author friend of his was writing a new book, and wanted suggestions for character names. Hammond suggested mine, and apparently there is now a 'Tania Walker' in Jack Heath's 'Money Run' -

The best part is that 'Hammond Buckland' is in there too - as a billionaire. My friend, may life someday imitate art. You have to admit that it's a billionaire sort of name. I've no idea what part my own namesake plays in the novel but I'm hoping for villainous henchwoman or mad scientist.

So that's kinda cool. I must depart now, as there is a cat stubbornly blocking my monitor. Retribution for today's bathing incident, I see...