May 21st, 2008



There was an amazing response to my furniture-for-sale post on brisneyland last night that kept me scrambling answering questions and organising pickups 'til nearly 11pm. By the time I got to bed I was exhausted and stressed - my stomach was on fire and my back all locked up. I took painkillers and Joey gave me a hard back massage which signifigantly reduced the pain, and then I listened while he talked about his current stresses with uni, which relaxed him. So all in all, a good night to be burrowed under the covers with someone special. I love late-night talks in the dark, early mornings be buggered! I'm a bit tired today but it's the soft, gentle kind of tired, not the 'parts of your body are in intense pain and your vision keeps tilting' kind.

Things are stressful right now but it'll pass. I'd thought that Cootie County would outlast me, but after Joe and I gave notice, everyone else decided to move on too - so the West End place will be no more! Kim and Kelly are staying on only about half a week longer than Joe and I. Of some relief was the realisation last night that Kim is managing the the intricacies of satisfying the real estate's move-out requirements, that's a big load off, it'll be the first time in the five-or-so sharehouses I've lived in that the task hasn't wound up falling to me. By now I start organising that stuff almost on automatic - when I realised I didn't have to, I think my brain threw a cog or two!

Also a relief was knowing that my excess furniture is mostly going to disappear this weekend, well before the move. I'm still looking for definite buyers for the fridge and washing machine though, but if I don't find buyers here I'll find one on Ebay.

We're going to stage staggered introductions between my cats and our new roomie/landlord Rick's cat Beckett. Jangles will go over on Wednesday, then Sawyer a few days later and Nami a few days after that. Though I'm not actually sure how I'm physically going to get Jangles there...

See, the move is already plagued by issues - the van dropped a cylinder two weeks ago and isn't fixed yet, and Joe's just been called away to Perth (the other side of the country, for those unfamiliar with it) by his work for an entire week... specifically, next week, the five working days between Moving Weekend #1 and Moving Weekend #2. On the upside, I actually enjoy packing things into boxes, and as most of my friends are uni students currently in the thrall of exams, I'll have five nights worth of pure free time which I can use to power through the packing.

Ten days and it'll be over!