May 20th, 2008



Hallo all - the boy and I are moving to a smaller place which already has some furniture, and as a result, we need to downsize! The following are for sale, pickup only @ West End, cash on pickup. Items MUST be picked up within the next 10 days. Comment for more info!

Fridge - $250
Washing Machine - $250
(both items above are approx 3 years old, in excellent working condition and were bought new for approximately $600 each)

Toaster - $5
Microwave - $15
(both items above are in working condition - nothing fancy but they do the job)

Iron + ironing board - $30
Bookshelf (officeworks, beech finish) - $20
Corner dining table-and-chairs set - $25
Futon frame (working condition) and mattress (needs re-covering or replacement) - $10 lot
Timber shelves/drawers combo for bedroom - $10
Queen size innerspring mattress - $20
Single innerspring mattress - $10
Enormous (2-person?) solid corner computer desk (ex bank, designed for business use, completely indestructible - I LOVE this desk and would be keeping it but we won't have the space) - $50
Set of pigeonholes (20 slots) - $30
DVD player (no remote) - $10

IKEA Meldal bed/couch plus single mattress, single quilt, pillow & Ikea black-and-white quilt cover set - $75 (looks like below; hardly used)

I'll have photos by tomorrow. If you're interested or know anyone else who might be, comment away. :) Will be listing anything unclaimed by Friday night on Ebay. Cheers!
Cats: Techno!

Oh my god

Courtesy of Ruby who was all "asdlkjflkj send this to TANI omg!" (well, sort of.) And here I thought the backyard cat run Rick and I are plotting was overkill. :D Things like this make me feel slightly less insane... hurrah!

For everyone reading who showed interest in my MASSIVE FURNITURE CLOSING DOWN SALE (exclamation exclamation one one one eleven), I'm taking the photos now and a couple of items may have already been snapped up, I'll know that in an hour when the first interested party shows up on the doorstep. But yes. New entry with photos coming your way!