May 17th, 2008

Futurama: Professor: Scheming

Mortgage and JTHM.

I'm told it's not socially acceptable to talk about money, but I've never been good at social mores!

I have been playing with a mortgage calculator. And I worked out a budget. And somehow, when our new soon-to-be housemate told us the rent he was asking as a monthly figure, my mathematically-deficient brain worked it out as being a much higher weekly figure than it actually is, a misconception that I'd had until a confused Joe corrected a confused me yesterday.

So yeah, my budget, which was workable before, now has a heck of a lot more breathing space AND I've called the bank my mortgage is with (National Australia Bank, more commonly known as NAB, which is awesome) and shook things up so my payments are now fortnightly rather than weekly (the advantages of weekly payments are outweighed by the disadvantages, but fortnightly payments beat monthly payments HANDS DOWN), and I'm now paying $500 straight into my mortgage per fortnight. According to the calculators, at that rate, I'll have the land paid off in just over five years. Woo!

Won't be able to blow heaps of money in the meantime but I'll still be able to buy myself something reasonably cool each pay. It feels good to have a budget worked out.

OK, just worked out why people don't talk about money - it's BORING.

What else... I got hooked on Johnen Vasquez's "Invader Zim", which acted as a gateway drug into "Squee", "I Feel Sick", and "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac". People who knew of my "Angry Beavers" love had been telling me to watch Zim for years and Hammond recently gave me copies of all the episodes and got me hooked. I adore it. Can't escape the conviction, based on photos and anecdotes, Joe-as-a-teenager was basically Dib. Hee.

So I was told repeatedly that I should read JTHM followd by Squee and I Feel Sick, and that I'd much prefer the latter two to the former. Whilst I relate to Devi far, far more than Johnny (what with Johnny's whole... maniac... killaxin'... thing - I prefer Devi's strong, sane handling of her situation), perhaps being hooked on Dexter has primed me to accept fucked-up main characters, because as far as satisfaction with the books went, Johnny is by far the winner for me.

It's a whole lot less polished than the others but the themes running through it feel so much stronger. I oughta buy a copy for Vix's birthday this year, it'd be right up her alley too.

So yeah, I haven't had something new to really geek out over in quite a while. Unfortunately I've read Johnen Vasquez's entire back catalogue over this weekend. Woe...