May 14th, 2008



Hi LJ-land. Late today Joe and I got confirmation that our potential new place to live is a definite. Faboo!

I can't go into much detail yet but there is a home-made cat run in the near future.

I'm tired today, very tired... and a little sick too. That's the last time I take JB's lunch recommendation. ;P Worrying about the move plus finding potential new flatmates to replace Joe and I here at Cootie County has left me drained this week. I haven't been able to focus at work and I've been slacking off on my walking. I'm tired of so much responsibility. If I don't put down some of the balls I'm juggling soon my arms are going to fall off.

My kitties will finally roam on the green grass with sun on their backs. I'll stay fit with a nice long (yet practical) walk to work and save money on bus fares. Joey's travel time will be a mere third of what it is now. I'll be living somewhere where the extent of my responsibility is to simply be a flatmate, not to run the place. For once I'm making a decision - a smart one - based solely on what's best for me (and Joey). Oh the bliss... I'm so tired. I already said that, right?

I'm going to miss this place though. I've loved it here: the location and the people, anyway. Not so much the everyday nagging stress that the real estate will find out about the cats, nor having to constantly keep said feline friends stuck indoors, nor the landlord's weird rules about the garden, nor the rent increase(s), nor the dodgy house itself. Cootie County has many memories, good and bad.

We've got two more weeks from this weekend...

To do list:

- Discuss with flatmates what items they'd like me to leave for their use (better that my stuff benefits someone rather than gathering dust in our new garage)
- Buy carpet cleaning stuff and scrub away cat stains
- Organise pickup and payment for cat-netting to build kitty outdoor safe-zone
- Pay final 2 weeks rent
- Tally up final electricity/gas/internet/phone bill amounts
- Organise van for the move
- Get the TV back
- Sort out bond
- Let Kim know what day Vinnies will be coming to pick up the stuff Chris left behind
- Throw out a bunch of stuff
- Sell a bunch of other stuff
- Discuss and plan where furniture will fit in new place
- Box up dry foodstuffs and utensils

It's 6:44pm and I'm about to go to bed because I'm just that exhausted. Augh. And all I can think about is the productive things I could be doing if I stayed awake. Apologies for the moping, it was a much-needed vent and I feel better now. But I really need to get to bed and catch up on sleep, because for some time yet the old adage "No rest for the wicked" will continue to rule my life.