May 13th, 2008

Cats: Jangles: Meow


Joe and I had another of those weekends where we manage to be at home for all of five minutes before whizzing off on another mission. One of the major missions this weekend was picking up a TV from a truck driver at the Gold Coast Hinterland. The TV had travelled nearly 1000 kilometers without damage... until we put it in the van and accidentally left the cord under it. The TV is CRT and heavy. Power cord = CRUSHED. Luckily Joe's dad has a wicked-cool way with fixing stuff so we left it with him and he's going to replace the cord for us. It's probably best it's at the farm now anyway, as we would have just had to move it again in a couple of weeks.

Oh also, when we picked up the TV we also picked up a hitchhiking hobo, that was an adventure. He was pretty cool!

While we were at the farm, both the van and the modem broke down. Last time it was the ride-on mower. My mutant ability to destroy technology just by being in the vicinity for more than 20 minutes remains strong.

Tonight we will find out for sure, one way or another, what's happening with us moving house. I've already found two leads for Kim and Kelly as far as replacement flatmates are concerned and, if this thing pans out, I'll probably also be longterm-loaning them my whitegoods so they won't be in a position where they need to replace a whole bunch of household gear all at once. Ben has also said that he's happy to stay on as a flatmate, so all in all, the numbers should stay exactly the same once Joe and I leave.

But this leaves the Ultimate Question: who will get the enormous bedroom when I go? I suggest the remaining flatmates battle it out in a jelly-chute race, "It's A Knockout"-style.

I also posted a message to the Tuesday Club suggesting that we postpone our regular get-togethers until the uni students have gotten through the worst weeks of their workload. There's been no response yet, which I think is uni-student-speak for "OH GOD GET ME OUT, I'M TRAPPED UNDER A GIANT STACK OF SCHOOLWORK!"

At work, I'm feeling pretty cheerful about how the game I'm working on is coming out. Apparently the animators all really want to get in on this project, which I'm optimistically taking as a compliment.

I'm currently researching cat runs. Have discovered the cat Shangri-la here:

Those cats live better than I do! D: