May 12th, 2008

Cats - Sawyer: Oh Noes!


In other very old news, a few weeks ago I lost my iPod. I have a strong suspicion he simply fell out of my bag when I was walking home with Joe one day. That particular bag had a sneaky side zipper that I sometimes forgot to close all the way.

So F.R.E.D., the Fucking Ridiculously Expensive Device, is no more. Considering FRED and I have been together longer than Joe and I have, I figure I got my money's worth , especially because I won the money I purchased him with in the lotto pool at work - rendering him, essentially, free.

I'm not overly upset over FRED's loss, he was just a thing, but I am put-out by the current lack of music for my walking... I'm really not hugely enthusiastic about walking if I've got nothing to bop along to, and that lack of enthusiasm is beginning to show up on my waistline. Also, pouring music into my ears is one of my methods to stem my characteristic little bouts of worry... since the loss of FRED I've become a little more worry-ful on my long walks.

So the upshot is, I need to replace FRED but given that I'm moving soon I don't want to dent my hip pocket too much doing so. Also, the current iPods are pretty and shiny and all, but they're far more than what I need. FRED was a black 40gig iPod Video; I rarely used the video functionality and I never filled him much beyond halfway.

I'm pretty enamoured with the iPod range in general (despite the pain-in-the-ass software) so I'm thinking I might Ebay for a replacement, maybe a Mini or something... 20 gigs is all I'll really need. I do want a screen, so a Shuffle is out (and too small anyway). Colour, size, shape, all immaterial. I just want a portable, reliable music player that works in the way I've become accustomed to - ie, an iPod (Joe keeps trying to get me to switch brands but I love that tricksy little spin-wheel!)

So hey, if any of you are planning to upgrade to one of the newer iPods and have an old model you'd like to part with, let me know how much you'd accept for it. For that matter, if you're local, there are a number of electronic / furnishing items I'd be quite cheerful to trade. Let's barter, bay-bee!