May 11th, 2008

Angry Beavers: Norbert

Purple hair

AWESOME weekend. I got the new AV equipment, we probably have a place to move to that is walking distance to both our workplaces (will go into more detail pending any kind of certainty!), and I have purple hair. PURPLE HAIR, BITCHES. :D

I'm at Hammond's and am about to relinquish this laptop to Hammond and Kelly's study efforts. Joe and I are subsequently going to rock out on Guitar Hero. As ya do.

Hammond and Tani - New Hairs

We thought it was going to take one photo, it took four. Hence the confusion. Though you can't see it with this lighting, my hair is purple and Hammond's is now black. Also, that's Joe's stubby hand messing with my hair, and Kelly lurking behind us with Izzy-cat. :D