May 5th, 2008

The Lion King: Simba: NYAH!

Lazy day off

Ebay overturned the Unpaid Item Strike. :) I can only hope the real estate situation can be worked out as quickly.

In the last entry I forgot to mention some of the good stuff that has happened, like the mini roadtrip taken by Hammond, Adders, Joey, Kelly and I to meet Izzy, the potential adoptee-kitten for the boys. She made an instant good impression and the boys took her home. It took Kelly and I about five minutes to make the "Izzy has two daddies" joke... in unison...

On the way back we stopped at the Confectionery Warehouse near the airport and I waited in the car with Izzy while everyone else went to buy stuff. A tour bus was parked outside and I was slightly mortified to see that every last person getting on it, laden down with bags of sweet stuff, was enormously fat. Not just some, or many, but ALL of them. Not just pudgy, or curvaceous, but obese. As the bus pulled out, I glimpsed one particularly wobbly woman sitting inside the window, licking and sucking at her fingers. It was a bit like watching a bus full of puffing smokers pulling out of the Winfields parking lot; it caused a mixture of feelings - empathy, irritation, guilt - which I still haven't untangled.

I'm currently rooting through all my old boxes of stuff in an attempt to halve my storage needs by throwing out or giving away anything I don't need to keep. Wish me luck! I'm being a little slowed down by the fact that two of the heaviest boxes are downstairs, Joe is asleep and I can't get them up the stairs alone. Fail!

There's no Tuesday night get-together this week, locals, because on Wednesday night we're going to see 'KEATING: The Musical'! More plans for meeting times / places will be posted on the Tuesday Club community. :)