May 4th, 2008

Tania pratfall

When it rains

So it's been a stressful couple of days. Small incidents aside, the two major stress factors were:

Ebay - I've just received an Unpaid Item strike... because the seller would not allow me to pay for the item. Same seller from a couple of entries back, yep. I'm contesting the strike and will probably win as I kept full email records of everything, but the seller won't know when I've won. Oh woe, my unfulfilled sense of vengeance! ;P He'll just go on being a douche until he's a douche to the Wrong Person, who will then kick his head in. I wish I were a huge bald biker, as that would make me the Wrong Person, and I'd get quite a 'kick' out of crushing some skulls.

Real Estate - sent us a new lease to sign. Upon closer inspection we realised they're trying to sneak a SECOND $20/week rent hike past us. Aside from breaking a whole slew of laws (including not giving ten days notice in writing) the last rent hike was less than two months ago, so... methinks there's grounds for contesting the move right there. Action taken: lots of "aargh"ing and fist-shaking, followed by a lengthy email to my old friend Shayle at the RTA. Shayle and I have taken on dodgy real estates and won before.

What scares me is that in battling this real estate I may damage my relationship with them to the point where they'll just find an excuse to get us out of here when our lease ends in February 2009. With the vacancy rate in Brisbane at less than 1%, the five people living here are all going to have serious trouble finding somewhere new to go to. But that's thinking way ahead... one problem at a time, eh?

Aside from that it's been a nice weekend, with heaps more space downstairs due to Chris moving out, Joe and I clearing out the storage container once and for all (goodbye, unnecessary monthly cost!), visiting Joey's parents and playing an extremely non-sober doubles game of pool with them, and attending the Northern Busway open day with Joey and Hammond (and receiving free Krispy Kremes!). I'm exhausted though, and looking forward to the public holiday tomorrow for a day of rest and slow-paced house tidying.

Now, downstairs to watch terrible horror movies with Joe. We have full use of the TV area down there now... bliss!!