May 2nd, 2008

Futurama: Professor: Scheming


Good news, everyone! (NOTE my fitting use of the Professor icon! Thank you... now moving on...)

First, I found someone travelling from Sydney to Brissie who is willing to do that pickup and delivery for me, and for no more than the cost of fuel, which is half of what the cheapest backload removal service quoted;

And secondly, an old favourite freelance client of mine approached me with a simple character creation offer which is going to net me enough money to take care of my remaining debt. It's also the sort of thing I can chip away at in the slow times at work - I've seen Johnny doing the same with some of his freelance.

Thirdly, I believe the real estate issue is now Sorted.

This more than makes up for yesterday when, to top off a stressful day, the bank was closed before the website said it should be, I forgot my receipt to take to Medicare, and the bus home was running a quarter of an hour late, which doesn't sound like much but is definitely a lot when you're exhausted and grumpy from One Of Those Days.

Today my coworkers have strongarmed me into going to Rosa's place when we finish work at 3pm to play Mario Kart on the Wii. Then I'm going to get myself down to Medicare and the bank, get all that crap sorted, and get to Joe's work by 5. Tonight we'll be going to his parents farm, tomorrow we're picking up a couple of chairs to supplement the Tiny!Couch we'll be left with when Chris is gone on the weekend, and then relaxing until Sunday when we're doing the Krispy Kreme / new Busway tunnel exploration adventure with Hammond and Adders. And I'll do it all with absolutely nothing weighing on my mind because I took care of it all today.


[EDIT] Joe just sent me a video of Jangles and Sawyer. At first I thought it was a photo, and it showed the two of them lying on their sides, legs toward each other, sharing a narrow beam of sunlight. I thought, "how cute, they're sharing!" and then hit 'Play'. Jangles poked Sawyer. Sawyer poked Jangles. The two regarded one another with lazy caution, still on their sides. Sawyer kicked Jangles. Jangles lost his shit and leaped on top of him, chewing frantically. Joe tells me it ended with Jangles poking his tongue out at Sawyer. Oh, and neither of them are in the sunbeam by the end of the vid.