May 1st, 2008


Well that's a bit of a bugger

Writing a condescending email criticising the behaviour and judgement of the person who is about to help you move house this coming weekend - probably not the smartest move ever.

However, that's not the douchiest behaviour I've faced today. THAT undesirable prize goes to Alex of Metrocity Realty, who threatened to kick us out because after all this time she checked their records and couldn't find Kim's old tenant application form. So she assumed he never handed one in. When I very politely pointed out that, well, four of us other tenants were THERE WHEN HE DID IT, I was told that this was a Serious Situation and Not Fun And Games, and I was threatened with eviction.

Now, I know enough QLD tenancy law to know that threat for the bullshit it is, but I still strongly object to the condescending tone and to the continual practice of real estates to act like douches in the assumption that us dumb little tenants don't know our rights!


It's probably just the first stirrings of this month's PMS, but that stuff got to me today like Stuff hasn't Got To Me in quite some time. Good god, did I ever have to excercise the ol' self-control muscle to keep from writing an angry reply to Alex's last email. Instead I ignored it: I'd given Kim the paperwork to RE-fill out and he took it into the real estate today, so problem damn well solved.

So why do I still want to kill something? That there's gotta be the PMS. And instead of going home now and chilling out with my boy I'm going to leave at 6, tramp over to Indro, deal with beauracracy at Medicare (but I can't be pissed because, y'know, bless our medical system for giving my moneys back every time) and deal with the bank, where I CAN be pissed because... well, you all know banks. Enough said.