February 28th, 2008

CD - Zakiya: <3

Adorable Cabin is Adorable

Ooooh, I want this: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=140211019573&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=004

It would look Rather Damn Fine on my block of land.

Sadly, I currently lack the $30,000 required to obtain this ($23,000 pricetag plus moving costs, and I'm not even going to mention the council fees, septic tank, plumbing and eletricity connection fees), but a gal can dream. What it lacks in the bom-shicka value of the 1970's-style cabin I eyed off previously, it makes up for in sickening country cuteness.
Cats - Sawyer: Oh Noes!

Not looking good

It's looking increasingly like Flatmate Kim and I, along with our coworkers, are all out of a job. For those who missed the edits to last night's entry, a more complete explanation is here: http://ailurophile.livejournal.com/503918.html

We don't find out for sure until a meeting at 2pm tomorrow, but my shift tonight has been cancelled - everyone's shifts have been cancelled. I won't speculate further in a public entry.

So yeah, that's total suck - I really like this job!

Still, it will be interesting jobseeking this time. I've learned a fair bit since last time I was in this position. The things I've learned include:

- By the time a job gets to 'official' avenues, it's probably a crap one. Find opportunities through friends and connections.

- I should never sell myself short out of desperation. I've done it before and it never works out longterm.

- The confidence I gained through being self-employed for a year (first as a freelancer, then running the business with my brother) serves me well in interviews and makes me appear more confident and competent, possibly because after running the business, most normal jobs seem relatively simple and stress-free. So the fear and pressure I used to feel regarding employment is more or less eliminated.

- I should not work in face-to-face customer service, the service industry in general, or retail.

- If worse comes to worse, the redundancy does mean I'm immediately eligible for unemployment benefits. This means dealing with Centerlink, though, which is only mildly better than bankruptcy. 9_9

So I'm considering what to do next. Honestly I'd love to find another job just like this one, but that's unlikely. Time is a factor too: I have a mortgage to pay, and I've no idea yet whether we'll get any kind of severance (or even our final paycheck), so I could have as little as a week to find something new before I'm fresh out of money.

Point is, there's an opportunity in every change. Kim is already talking about applying for a job at one of the local universities which would be a much better fit for his abilities. I'm sure I'll find something too. I haven't forgotten writing about the animation / games industry a few weeks back, but I stand by my conviction that this isn't the right time for me to return, and that I don't currently have the right skillset to do so even if I wanted to.

So, casting my net out here in the hopes of catching a few items of interest: anybody local know of any going opportunities for a bright, highly literate gal with a diverse range of work experience? Anybody in general have any ideas about what type of job might be a cool one for me to try? I am your guinea pig, and besides needing a regular paycheck, am completely free to work in whatever field I please (provided I can talk my way into it).