February 27th, 2008

Tania pratfall

I live.

These four-day weekends are remarkable, if you use the time well. Mine was absolute joy from one end to the other. I can't believe it's only been four days; I feel as happy and well-rested and refreshed as if I'd just come back from a two-week layabout holiday on the beach.

That's why I haven't written these last few days, I've been too busy living, and loving the living I've had! Tonight at work, if it isn't busy and if I'm not too tired, I will elaborate on some or all of the following, and don't ask me how I fit all this into four days:

I'm now a medical guinea-pig for money, my debts are dwindling rapidly before my eyes, I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into work tonight (there's still so much to learn!), Hammond told me with a few simple words last night that I never need to defend myself in the eyes of those who love me, I've been browsing kit homes again and have my eyes on one in particular that would be gorgeous on my block of land, I've skinny-dipped in a dam in the middle of a rolling green paddock, Vix and I had lunch and browsed the shops, Joe and I discovered a couple of rockin' 80's movies that previously had escaped us, Liz C and I have swapped letters and photos and missing-yous, we celebrated Hammond's birthday, a group of us have whipped out our inner Geek and gotten into a simple tabletop roleplaying game involving the most ridiculous (yet awesome) superheroes ever, another group of us played board games until late in the night last night, Hammond and Joe and I made three kinds of nachos the other night, Joe and I marathonned season 2 of Dexter, I left my iPod on a train station and got it back, I got to see Joe's mum and dad and lovely-dog Polly for the first time in months, and the future is bright, but the now? The now is full of joy too. For once I'm not waiting for something or working towards something. I just am: Happy. Lucky. Content. Thankful. Fulfilled. Alive.