February 22nd, 2008

Cats - Sawyer: OMGYEY!

FreeRice.com and Keating!

In happier news, I've discovered www.freerice.com. For every word you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. It's just challenging enough to keep things interesting - every time it starts getting too easy they throw in a little curveball that makes you stop and think back through every Penguin Classic you ever read.

'Sebaceous' is a word that everyone should come across first thing in the morning. It's also a great character name. Fatty fat fat!

Me, Joe, Hammond, Kelly and Diz are going to see "Keating! The Musical" on Wednesday the 27th of April. Rapping politicians, it's going to be AWESOME. Hmm, that's ranks up at about #18 on the Geekiest Things I've Ever Said list. I'm told that #1, which I still get mocked about today, is "We should make codewords like Sam and Dean!"

You know what would be totally sweet? Going dressed as various politicians. I'd get a suit and a white wig and a yardglass and rock up as Bob Hawke. Come to think of it, I'm going to ask Lachlan if he wants to come, partially because he's awesome, but also because I feel he could pull off a pretty good Keating in a pinch.

...aaand this entry is gradually trailing into pointlessness.

...D'you like bread? I've got a french loaf! BYYEEEE!
Tani: Whee!

"If you want a puppy, ask for a pony. If you want to be happy, don't ask for the world."

Last shift for this cycle! And I slept ALL DAY TODAY and I feel so amazingly fantastic! I woke up twice, but went back to sleep (wisely, it turns out) and was shocked when, the third time I woke up, it was 5:45pm. Woo!! I'm so amped! Getting enough sleep has made a huge difference to my mood!

Viv loaned me a great CD from 'Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing' - it's a bit like Paul Kelly, but maybe a little sadder and more raw. Paul Kelly is a more of a romantic in his worldview, but both artists have that really good slice-of-life feel.

So in twelve hours I'm on my next four-day weekend, and the benefits of this arrangement are really starting to grow on me.

As always, a weekend devoid of Plans suddenly filled itself up a day or so beforehand, so tomorrow I'm going out to the farm with Joe (apparently he hasn't told his parents I'm coming, so hopefully that's not awkward - but Joe's parents don't really 'do' awkward, so it should be cool, and I've really missed them) and I'm going to catch my sleep while he works on his car, then we're going to draw more Wicked Campers (we're up to about twenty designs now) and chill out and do the sorts of things we always do out at the farm (in terms that Adders will understand, if no-one else, we'll be "watching a fair bit of the daVinci Code". Hee.)

Adders, I have no respect for you and your Corey Worthington crush. Seriously, dude. SERIOUSLY. D:

Anyway, on Sunday there's this long-planned games thing with Greg and Elizabeth D, which is some kind of tabletop roleplaying dealie where you get to play superheroes and supervillains. Greg sent me the PDF of the rules, a document of a 'mere' 120+ pages.

On Monday I'm catching lunch with Vix, and Tuesday night is coffee night (possibly just at my place again? It worked out great last week!) AND I think an impromptu celebration of Hammond's birthday. :) I know what I'm getting him already! I think we need to make him a cake, too, if our oven cooperates. Hmm, who do I know who can decorate cakes? *makes shifty eyes at Kelly* And Joe, if you are involved in the making of the cake in any way at all, there are to be NO 'special ingredients'.

Four day weekeeeeend!

I have to collect signatures on the new lease this weekend. Everyone's schedules are too disparate to get into the real estate at the same time, so I'm just going to take in the lease and the change-of-tenants forms on my own on Monday and hope that they don't expect us all to be there in person. Will also remind them re the dishwasher request.

Um, yeah, that ended boringly.

I've been thinking about where I'd like to live after this next lease runs out in a year. And though I adore West End, I think I'd like to move a little further out into the suburbs so I'm close to work and can get a nicer house for cheaper, and maybe just have two other flatmates. Continually trying to keep a five-room house full to capacity is a pain in the butt! But yeah, that's thinking way ahead again; we'll see what happens when we get there...
Cats - Sawyer: LOLZ!

Homosexual themes in He-Man


I just posted this to jagafeh and then realised that, really, there isn't anyone reading who WON'T get a kick out of this. Hooray for double negatives! A good chunk of us here are children of the 80's, and this list of the Top 5 Most Ill-Conceived Action Figures will bring back some happy memories.

And if you can get through the He-Man section without at least cracking a grin, I'm never going to play poker with you, ever.

PS: The descriptions in this article are pure gold: http://www.cracked.com/article_15764_5-least-surprising-toy-recalls-all-time.html

Kinder Surprise is still sold in Australia to this day, and I've never heard of a single related injury. Food for thought. ;)