February 20th, 2008

Blackadder - Blackadder: Scheming

The planned and the unplanned

If you are a friend of mine you should totally read the latter part of this entry, as you're probably involved somehow.

Just when you think that you're in control,
just when you think that you've got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.

We just can't keep away from the rollercoaster...

In other news (This is The Latter Half):

- Viv! I'm up for funding 'Keating! The Musical' tix this coming payday, you still up for it? Joe, Kelly and Diz (and Hammond?) want to come too.

- Viv, again! What date do our Chaser tickets fall on?

- Diz! What is the date of the Scavenger Hunt?

- Wicked Camper Mob! Discussion tonight led to the decision that we'd make seeing the 'Wicked!' musical (oh, this could get confusing fast) a seperate trip, where we'd fly down on cheap Virgin Blue tixs for the performance only, and fly back up the next day. I will start looking into the ins and outs of this tonight and provide more info shortly.

- Wicked Camper Mob, again! We need to start settling on a date for the camper trip itself (or at least narrow it down to a specific month!)

- Joe and Liz! We need to solidify plans and finances for the Joint Birthday Sydney Flying Machine Debauchery palooza. April is sneaking up on us. I'll probably send out a probe Facebook note soon.

- Greg! Holy crap! What time Sunday do you want us over for the board games day? I can't believe I forgot to write the time into my diary (or that I got the date wrong originally, but no biggie! My Sunday is free.)

- Everyone: Who is up for a Cheezeburger Night this Saturday night?
Cats - Sawyer: OMGYEY!

Babies! Falling from the sky!!

So I'm to become a godmother and an aunt, all in the same year, and to two seperate babies, even!

My lovely girl Amy / tengukun has kindly allowed me to blurt this out here (some may remember my barely-contained excitement a few months back when I first found out but was unable to blurt): A far more subtle woman than I, Amy sees no need for an enormous announcement with fireworks and crap, BUT I DO. She will be a wonderful mother. I won't say more about the name, sex, or due date of her bub (and my godchild!) as I don't believe in spoilers. Heehee.

Given that I have only one brother, the source of the baby who shall bestow Aunt-hood upon me should be fairly obvious. "I'm pregnant," my brother Chris laconically announced tonight before friends, inadvertently stealing Jess's thunder with a grammatical slip. Their baby is due much later than Amy's, so downside is that I'll have to wait for longer for baby goodness, but upside is that I get to torture this one in person.

Kelly declares that I am primed and ready for my new role as 'crazy auntie Tania'. I fear that this status upgrade is merely one more step down the path to spinsterhood.

Chris, who is hoping for a boy, will make a good solid dad, and Jess already works in childcare so she's ahead of the game! I've offered to help them find an apartment up on the coast and will begin my research right after I post this entry.

Mum and I were in Big W (a department store, for those playing overseas) when Chris called to tell her. She was stunned and excited, and from that point on, every shop we went into where people struck up a conversation with her, she felt the need to announce, "I'm going to be a grandmother!" At which point all eyes would turn to me, and I'd frantically wave my arms and yelp, "No, no, it's not my fault!!"

So yeah, massive congrats to Amy and Chris and Jess! You're continuing the human race and ensuring your immortality and stuff! Well done, everyone!
CD - Zakiya: <3


I only just realised how good I'm feeling tonight. Not one moment of sadness, or anxiety, I didn't even have the typical butterflies before making the nightly international phone calls... I'm feeling so fine that the possibility of feeling bad didn't even occur to me until almost six hours into the shift, and when it did, it occured only in the context of mild surprise at its absence.

Come to think of it I've felt great all day. All issues have felt surmountable, all conflicts have deflated into nonexistance. I love seeing my parents but mum's place is so darn relaxing, I get bored, then I get mopey... so the second I got back to Brisbane this morning I plunged back into the art of Being Busy when I embarked on a tidying / organising spree that didn't end until my visitors starting showing up at nightfall. (My shoes have a home in a great big wooden box! My belts, scarves and assorted stockings and gloves have a home in a smaller wooden box! My clothes are neatly folded and hung and put away!)

Oh my god, who'd have thought that chronically untidy Tania could be made so damn HAPPY at the sight of organisation in her little cavern?

This entry is an excercise in pure pointlessness, I know, but here's my tip, guys: next time you're feeling really lousy about life, buy some cane baskets or a set of bookshelves or a wooden chest and organise something in your room. Clear some space, grab some breathing room. It's fabulous!

Of course now I have to avoid inheriting Dad's mild obsessive compulsiveness. The cords of my DVD player are visible and this mildly annoys me. Uh-oh.

I convinced mum to buy 'Hot Fuzz' sight-unseen when I was up there on the weekend. Predictably, she LOVED it. Now mum wants a Japanese Peace Lily named Nicholas as well. Get off my crazy-turf, woman! Hopefully she doesn't want her Peace Lily for the purposes of ironically smashing on the head of a big fella who goes "YARP" a lot.

Tonight the guys (read: Hammond, Diz, Joe, Kelly, Greg, Elizabeth) were over for fish and chips followed by lots of chatter followed by Scrabble followed by a YouTube session. It was AWESOME. At least if we don't find a new cafe we can always revert back to making my place the gathering point.

Joe is coming over tomorrow night and we will cook and design Wicked Campers and watch my Documentaries Of Violent Natural Disasters (my treat-for-self this week) and chill.

In the meantime, I can't wait to get home in the morning, cuddle me a Jangles-cat, and slide between the sheets with some soft music playing while I drift off to sleep. Mmmm... bliss. Home.