February 18th, 2008

Cats: Techno!

You guys, you guys!

I might have to crap out of coffee night this Tuesday night after all: I've got two people coming around to check out the spare room and they'll be there 'til around 6pm, and I start work at 8pm, so yeah. The window is shrinking. D:

HOWEVER, I'd love to have you all over for some fish and chips instead - we can drag the tables and chairs out the back into some semblance of order and sit out there. The weather's been nice lately. Is anyone interested in doing that?

There's other big news on the horizon, but it's not mine to tell and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say it yet so I won't. Kim, Kelly, if you guys can be around on Tuesday afternoon/evening that would be awesome, the news affects us all a little. :)

I'm hungry, mum's dog hid in my arms trembling like a leaf at the sound of the vaccum cleaner, and mum and I found a moth with a wingspan equivalent to the length of a ballpoint pen. Also, I've obtained shelves for the kitchen in exchange for my old sewing machine, which is good because I needed to get rid of that to free up some space anyway. Life rolls on! I'm behind in replying to LJ comments, please forgive me if yours was one of them. I'll be home and back on normal, tolerable internet speeds tomorrow morinng. I will come bearing burned DVDs!
Cats - Sawyer: Oh Noes!

Not-too-epic fail

Sorry guys, I have it wrong again - I'm not starting work til 11pm on Tuesday so timing wise we're sweet! I still sort of like the idea of just grabbing fish and chips and going to my place or the park or something though, but am just as happy to go to a cafe too.

Also, one of the guys inspecting the room is coming on Tuesday, the other not 'til Thursday.

Man, I'll be glad to be home. Coming up to mum's used to be a refuge for me from the stress of the business, but now it just takes me away from the people and distractions that keep me from getting too sad.
Cats - Sawyer: OMGYEY!


Hammond! Adders! Kelly! Diz! Joey!

So according to mistystriker, Wicked! tickets are about to go on sale with the showing to be in Melbourne in July this year.

July being the same July our campervan trip may just fall on.

You know... the one in WICKED campers? In which we will be going near/through MELBOURNE?

You guys. YOU GUYS. Fate is TALKING TO US. Am I wrong??