February 17th, 2008

Tania pratfall

Smooth sailing

Smooth sailing: much like smooth truckin', only with more gay.

I'm up at Mum's. There's not much to report, we've done fun stuff and gone to markets and seen countless awesome and/or frightening trinkets (this time I got photos, finally taking full advantage of the features of my new mobile), and as mum had just done a wardrobe cleanout, I went through the orphaned clothes and now have a new wardrobe of my own, free of charge.

I also obtained the most sinful, wicked Little Red Dress I've ever seen. It's so hot, godamn it, I turn ME on.

I've had little periods of melancholy, perhaps because last time I was up here I was desperately unhappy and my memory is just echoing at me, or perhaps because lost friends and lost loves pop into my head now and then. But I have friends who I love to go back home to. Most of the problem is that it is quiet, peaceful and relaxing here, and boredom breeds melancholy, I think. Anyway, the down moments pass, and I'm making good headway on my book.

Tuesday's coffee night - we may need to start it earlier as I need to start work at 8. For venue I'm thinking the Take 5 cafe/restaurant thing next to the Southbank Cinema this time, their food is inexpensive and good, lots of seating, easy to get to, and actually quieter than the Monkeys! The search for a true AFK replacement continues.

I'll be back on Tuesday morning - phone calls to make, room to clean, cats to hug, clothing situation to sort out - batten down the hatches!