February 14th, 2008

Tania pratfall

Problem solvered

Whelp, that fixes that. We now return to regularly scheduled Livejournal. :)

Work is quiet as the grave tonight; I got to watch 'House'! Now I'm looking up Dinosaur Comics and pet rabbits and Project Chanology at Wikipedia. Adrian and I are eating Doritos. Life is good.

I really have nothing to report - I slept all day (finally!) and spent the evening with Joey: dinner at Southbank followed by a rambling walk through the suburbs. T'was nice as always. I am eternally glad we're getting along so well. Somehow we seem to have stripped the last few misconceptions and misunderstandings from our friendship. Hey, and all it took was months of grief, anger, ignoring-each-other, briefly-considering-trying-again, disappointing-discoveries, discussions-on-loyalty, and being-just-friends. EASY-PEASY. ;) Seriously, though... phew. Things are good.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and, alas, all I'm doing is working. Same as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve last year. Sadfats! But on the upside, thanks to my new longer shifts, tomorrow is also my last working night of the week! Friday I shall spend sleeping, then zip to Dad's office at 4:30 for a lift up to the coast and a cruisy long weekend with mum.

It's refreshing not to have something THRILLING, EXCITING or DRAMATIC to report but it makes for less interesting journal entries.

My god, twelve hour shifts are really, really long!
Cats - Sawyer: Oh Noes!

Triple M

So Adrian and I are listening to Triple M on the radio, because we both kind of like 80's music (yeah... I know...). Triple M is now playing 'Piano Man' for the SECOND time in a four-hour span.

Oh Triple M. No wonder nobody listens to you. D:
CD - Zakiya: <3

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has dawned in our little corner of the world, and as every other year, I anticipate seeing a flood of morose entries from the singles on my friends list.

But dudes! Don't be sad! In my experience, V-Day is kind of stressful anyway - will your partner remember to get you a pressie? What if you don't like it? Wil you have to go to a restaurant and pretend you know which fork to use? How do you reconcile your internal conflict between inherent girlish "omg token of affection" reaction with your Daria-esque disgust of a holiday created (or at least whored out) purely for greeting card company profiteering?

I am not doing anything, receiving any gifts, or getting so much as a kiss. But no way is it going to ruin my day!

I'm listening to Triple J and they're having their listeners send in little love-note text messages to be read out on air. The DJs are having a bit of a laugh at some of the spelling, grammar, and bizarre 'affectionate' nicknames on display. The best nickname so far?

"Weighted Companion Cube."

That's fucking incredible! If a guy called me that, I think I'd marry him. (Don't get any ideas, guys.)

In other news, coworker Adrian and I went rooting around in the desk drawers looking for sterile cleaning wipes and found something so much better: a Magic 8 Ball! We decided it must have been placed there to help us answer player queries, and whilst we haven't actually used it on a player yet, the test runs were fun:

"Can I have a bonus?" *shakes ball* "You May Rely On It."
"Will you change my password?" *shakes ball* "Don't Count On It."

Then Adrian twisted the ball, and to our mutual horror it started making a harsh buzzing noise. We both stared at it, Adrian holding it at arm's length as though he suspected it had morphed into a live grenade. After a long, breathless moment, the Magic 8 Ball went "Ping!"

Oops, I just got my first 'Happy Valentine's Day' message for the day, making me a damn filthy liar. But I didn't enjoy it, guys. I didn't inhale!
CD - Zakiya: Party Time!

You're back! And your front, too!

Rumour has it that my brother is back from the urban wilds of Thailand, and fast asleep in his room. My first clue was Jess's car parked in the drive.

Also, coworker Adrian is interested in renting out our spare room. He likes a small room because he doesn't have much stuff, is amazed how cheap it is compared to what else he's been looking at, has been looking for a place in West End, and adores kitties. Sounds awright! Gotta get him over here to have a looksee.

I shan't rest until this house falls beneath a Fuze Media employee invasion, apparently.