February 12th, 2008

Tania pratfall

Slow but steady

Walking - reasonable. Not walking to and from work every day, but generally walking one of the two.

General eating - Excellent lately, lots of home cooking.

Snacking - Not bad, but not great! Had a run-in with M&Ms and Doritos on the weekend. I regret nothing! Indulgences now and then allow a diet to succeed.

Also, I've reached that happy point where the weight loss from my face and waist and even legs is really evident. And my pants all fit fantastically. People are beginning to notice the difference. Sweet! Also, this slow rate of loss means that regaining it is less likely.

Hrmm, I'm not sure why I set my target weight as '53' though. Last time I lost weight down to this level, people began to get concerned when I hit 53.5, so I probably shouldn't push it further than that. I'm a short little curvy thing who is not designed to be too thin.

Bleh, so tired right now... at work... need to make phone calls. Argh a zillion chats! *topples*