February 11th, 2008


Busy busy

First supervisor shifts on Wednesday and Thursday. I will arm myself to the teeth with Red Bull and have no fear! Really. Just ignore the nail-biting.

I made a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and from the doc I shall get a referral to a psychologist and from there I shall begin my therapy. This, I am also nervous about, as I've never done it before.

For coffee night tomorrow night, I'm thinking just the Coffee Club here in West End until we come up with something better / more convenient. There's parking, we can use my house as a home base, and the Coffee Club is reliable - it's just not mind-shatteringly original. But I figure most of us go for the company more than for the venue. It'll be a smallish one this week, as Kelly is away visiting family.

Feeling a bit flat today; bleeding like a stuck pig for days on end'll do that to ya.

I will gaze at my chicken icon for a while, for cheerification.
Futurama: Leela: Shush

The Amazing Vanishing Tania

Quick Note: tomorrow night's coffee night venue has shifted to 3 Monkeys, as I think we'll be a small enough group this time to warrant that.

Actual Point Of This Entry: Don't expect to see me in person for at least a couple of weeks, guys - between increased shift length at work and a four-day sojourn up to the coast to see mum over this weekend, then more long shifts next week, my social life is going to be temporarily sucked into the swirling vortex of Everything Else. I still love you all! I just can't be with you. :(

I will be able to attend the next three coffee nights for certain, though.

It's been a long, strange, sad day - alien and utterly familiar all rolled up into one. I would much rather be at home with a warm kitty and a good book right now, but I'm at work. Such is life - and on the bright side, I have the good book with me. Though not the kitty. Still, Kim sheds enough hair into the keyboard that it's almost the same. :D

Some parts of the day were nice, namely the part where I chilled with Joe in the Southbank Parklands for an hour, chatting on a bench 'til the sky started spitting at us. Then we got dinner and went to see 'The Mist', an adaption of a Stephen King novella I've read a few times over the years... the entire thing was remarkably faithful to the novella right up 'til the end, when they replaced Stephen King's trademark Crappy Ending with an ending that was actually GOOD, if horrifying and cruel. Actually, I've seen many scarier movies, but 'The Mist' may have been the most emotionally horrific I've ever seen onscreen. :\ Oh Stephen King, why didn't YOU think of this awesome ending instead of the shithouse one you gave it? It's going to stay with me for a very... very... very long time.

Highly recommended. Not a feelgood film, be warned.

More General Updatey Stuff: I went to Greg and Elizabeth D's party with Joe the other night, saw some awesome people I haven't seen in a while (it was my kind of party - more talking than getting pissed and falling off the balcony, y'know?) and as the night wound down (we went til 2am!) we somehow wound up sitting around a table playing an elaborate board game. I think it was Settlers of Catan. Anyway, this led to a conversation about 'true' tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. All around the table reflected that they'd never tried anything like this before, except Greg, a long time ago. He still had the second-edition D&D book. One thing led to another and now we're doing a D&D day next Sunday. Heehee, holy shit.

Oh yeah, that Sunday - March 2nd - is the first social-time I'll have free in aaages. Sadfats.


The comic made me laugh, and then Gabe's accompanying journal entry almost made me cry: http://www.penny-arcade.com/2008/02/08

I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow, which will get me referred to a psychologist. I don't think for a moment I'm in need of drugs, hence the 'ology' instead of the 'iastry'. In fact I'm doing really well this year, nice and stable (except for four days per month, and even those are a vast improvement) but Gabe's description of 'anxiety stacks' is familiar in a small but close-to-home way. I've never let it stop me from doing anything, but I have a feeling it's stopped me relating to people properly a few times, back when I couldn't identify it working away at me. I regret not having realised what a problem I had sooner; I've lost so much through my own actions.

Well... I'm all out of journal entry.