February 9th, 2008

Harry Potter - Snape: Woohoo

Blessings in disguise

So with my home PC out of commission, I got two loads of washing done, helped Joe make more chocolates, tidied my room a bit, read a bunch more of the latest Obernewtyn book, got a reasonable amount of sleep, and spent a few hours at Hammonds and Adders' place along with Kelly and Joe before heading to work.

This whole no-PC thing could really work for me! For a while, anyway. Let's say until the novelty wears off. In the meantime I think I'll use all this free time to sort out my wardrobe, re-plug in the mess of cables running from the AV equipment in my room, find a buyer for that dining table set, oh yeah, and HIDE THE CATS on Tuesday morning because the real estate is doing a short-notice valuation inspection. I cringe to think of the state of the yard. Forget a gardener or poison, it needs a bloody flamethrower.

Housemates! Rent goes up this week by +$10/payment. Kim, I forgot to tell you before you put yours in... just take it off my tab? Heh. The delicate fiscal dance of the tightly-knit sharehouse continues.

Also I need to hunt you all down sometime tomorrow and get you to sign the new lease.

I may have found someone for the spare room, fingers crossed.

Trying to budget for the overdraft on my credit card makes my head explode. :( I'm going to have to call the bank on Monday and plead for mercy or they'll whack a black mark on my record. Eating at home all week this week has reminded me just how much money I can save by doing that, so I think I'll keep that up. We shall prevail!
Cats: Jangles: Meow

In Advantage We Trust

My fleas. Let me show you them.

Historically my cats have never had issues with fleas, as they're indoor beasties and never come into contact with other cats. However, I have been known to cat-sit for friends on occasion, and after the most recent incident my cats picked up a couple of fleas.

The couple turned into many, as fleas do.

Nami in particular was bothered by the situation. She has always been a little more neurotic than the other two, and whilst the boys handled their fleas with aplomb, Nami couldn't stop scratching. Eventually she began to scratch scabs into herself. I went out and got some Exelpet flea medication in the form of little tubes of formula to be applied to the back of each cat's neck.

This accomplished absolutely nothing aside from making my cats stare suspiciously at me for 24 hours afterwards (they hate medication of any kind - even the painless stuff.) As for the fleas, they seemed to find this particular chemical mix a tasty snack. Mmm, gives the blood a fine fruity aftertaste, doesn't it chaps? They flourished into a real problem.

At this point I had to hold out to my next pay, because my intention was to buy The Hard Stuff: the fifty-bucks-a-box flea meds that can kill the little bastards before they even ingest a drop of blood. I went to the vet and asked him which was better: Frontline or Advantage. He recommended a new type, Revolution, claiming it was better than the others because it also tackled heartworm. Sold! I applied it, and within a day fleas were beginning to drop from the cats.

But not all the fleas. And they came back, more vengeful than ever. AND THIS TIME THEY WERE ANGRY.

Nami didn't take it well. Her fur was riddled with little scabs, she was going bald on the tummy, slinking under my hand when I tried to pet her, casting pleading looks at me when I didn't, and had even begun to lose weight. I'd intended to hold out 'til my next pay, but after a week of beeseeching looks from Nami I couldn't take it anymore: I found a good deal on Advantage on Ebay, borrowed the money and paid extra for express postage. The meds arrived the next day and I applied them to all three cats, all of whom looked deeply resentful. That was around 2pm yesterday.

I arrived home from work just after 8 this morning. Sawyer was basking in the sun at the back door, and after I let myself in and emptied my washing from the dryer, I knelt beside him and started stroking him. Obligingly he rolled over and showed me his belly. He was purring especially loudly, and as I combed through his fur it became clear why: there was not a single flea anywhere on his body.

Not one.

Sawyer is a Burmilla: in essence, a short-haired version of a long-haired cat. He's a puffball with an insane amount of undercoat, which sheds everywhere and hovers in the air, awaiting unsuspecting allergy sufferers.

Jangles has finer, closer-lying but denser than Sawyer's; little Jang is like a plush toy. Fleas are easy to spot in the white parts of his fur. I combed through him too; NO FLEAS.

Nami is asleep in Kelly's room and I'm about to go quietly lure her out for a check-over, but I'm pretty sure I already know what I'll find... or more to the point, what I WON'T find.

Bless you, Advantage... Bladvantage. Consider this my product endorsement, for which I'm receiving no payment or gifts other than the satisfaction of knowing that my cats are no longer walking flea farms.