February 5th, 2008

Blackadder - Blackadder: Scheming

Tip of the Day

Tonight I made the acquaintance of a player who shall be known, from here on in, as "Mr Indecisive". Oh the stories I could tell! Let's have the short version: IRRITATING LITTLE SHIT. And he's Canadian too. I'm so disappointed. I fucking love Canadians. ;_;

So, off on an unrelated tangent, I'm making my nightly check-on-teh-newb-accounts phone calls, and Mark and I are getting jacked off with international players phoning us back. It's irritating because when THEY call US, I never know which one from the list is calling, then I've got to fumble open their account details while trying to answer the questions they inevitably ask in a thick accent, and it's really just a royal pain.

If only we had some way of hiding our outgoing number.

BUT WE DO! Kids, if your fixed line is with Optus and you want to phone like a ninja, dial '1831' before you tap in the number.

Use it wisely, my dudes. Use it wisely.
Cats - Sawyer: Oh Noes!

Goodbye AFK Cafe

It's the end of a too-short era. The AFK Cafe closed suddenly today, for good.

Being the awesome technologically-inclined mob they are, they sent the notice out over Facebook, but I heard about it when Hammond phoned me during my sleep, apologised for waking me and blurted "I have terrible news!!"

D'you know, nobody phoned me when the World Trade Center was attacked?

Oh AFK. We will miss you so much. :( Never again will I tuck into a big plate of 'I Can Has Cheezeburger'. Never again will I experience the delights of your tangy spaghetti bolegnaise or strong, delicious mochas. Never again will I poke the crazy wire-hanger lights, or laugh at the 'Christopher Walken is watching you poop' sign, or watch Joe attach rockets to a lady in Garry's Mod and startle every other player in the cafe when he unleashes her into the level.

Everyone, our venue has now switched to Batavia. It's nice and atmospheric and has good food, but will never recapture the sheer delightful levels of nerdity that the AFK encompassed. I guess we're just not ready yet for the geek to inheret the earth. ;_;
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Potential AFK replacement #1 / Crikey Duck thought / Plans

Possible AFK Cafe replacement: what about the Alibi Room?


It's in New Farm, you can book booths that seat about 12 people, and everyone I know who goes there adores it.

That's the main downside, actually: it's wildly popular, and I know we all liked having a special, less well-known place that we felt was uniquely ours. Also, we'd have to change our meeting night, because Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays and apparently the place is packed to the rafters. I know a lot of you have already arranged work and life schedules to keep Tuesdays free, so I want to try to avoid that.

I'm still researching, trying to find a place with similar attributes but less popularity. *snerk* This is becoming overanalytical... hey Adders, how 'bout a massive pros-and-cons sheet? ;P

A buncha people ganged up on me a couple of AFK nights ago and tried to talk me into getting back into Crikey Duck, using a simpler style. But the Disney-esque feel is what MAKES that strip! I think as an artist/writer you can improve the quality of a strip, sure, but to downgrade the quality is to cheat your audience and I'm not comfortable with that. I want the comic to exist in a quality form or not at all.

Holy shit, my diary is booked up FOREVER. You guys rock!

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Good lord. I think I'll try to keep that Monday free for 'me time'.