February 4th, 2008

Tania: Happy / Summer

Some sort of cheerfully rambling overview.

I'm practically wriggling in glee right now: I've got a whole day to myself to spend in bed, reading and listening to music and working out a budget to see me through the next few weeks, which doesn't sound terribly thrilling, but I've come to love my 'me time'. My room is tidy and my Peace Lily, Nicholas, is not dying (hurrah!) and I have a sleepy pointy-cat on my bed. I have a little list of chores I'm going to start pottering through around 3pm: the remainder of the dishes (I did a bunch yesterday too); a phone call to the real estate to discuss the dishwasher; a phone call to the local hairdressers school to organise a freebie style cut; sifting pewp out of the cat litter (fun times!) etc, etc.

Tonight's a Quiet Night In with the new Isobelle Carmody book until I walk to work. Perhaps it's because I didn't get time to read through all the previous books again before starting this one, but I'm not impressed with the opening - it's too introspective, too many characters, too much exposition. The last couple of books in the series have felt a bit padded-out this way; I much preferred the first book, which she started writing in high school: small, fast, great concept, clean execution. This latest book smacks of Typical Fantasy to me, and I avoid most Typical Fantasy books like the plague. I'm only a tiny way in though, so I hope to be able to retract this opinion later.

Tomorrow night is AFK Cafe. Wednesday and Thursday are still free, so if anyone wants to do anything, let me know. I'm skint broke this week so it'll have to be something, um... free.

The past week has been amazing; full of warmth and affection and new self-knowlege and yeah, a lot of hedonism.

I'm seeing mum in a couple of weekends' time, getting a lift up to the coast with Dad that evening so I can catch up with him too and take a look at his new digs - he and Jeanne have bought a new, smaller house with the intention of selling their current large one so that they'll own the new one outright. I really respect them for this intentional downgrade; it runs contrary to the way so many people seem to try to live beyond their means. So yeah, go dad!

I can quite honestly discuss just about anything with mum and have never managed to shock her yet. Am curious to see if this holds true now.

I'm struggling budget-wise but I think Chris and I will be square after I pay his next lot of rent, so then I'm going to take a single pay to get my credit card out of the RED-red before I start paying back the only other personal debt I have: the one that can belt me with a stick if I take too long. ;)

After that I'm pouring shitloads of extra money into paying off the block of land. Have been peering furtively though kit home magazines again. It's still in the realm of fantasy but oh! Some of them are so pretty. Despite the impracticality in this climate, I've always wanted to own a home with a loft bedroom. A little two-storey home all in brown wood, with twisting passages and a staircase and rooms that feel like secret places.

On the work front: Next week I have my first two official, full-length supervisor shifts.

I've got a joint-birthday-holiday planned for Elizabeth C (niaid) and I in early April. I'm flying down to Sydney from Brisbane with a friend (yeah, probably Joey) and she's busing up to Sydney from Canberra, and we're going to stay in a kickass hotel and go see the Flugtag at the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Flugtag is a home-made flying machine contest. Hilarity shall ensue. (http://www.redbullflugtag.com.au/) After that we're going to check out other Sydney sights. We'll only be down there three nights but it'll be awesome fun and it turns out my Virgin Blue credit pretty much covers the holiday package. Now I feel somewhat less annoyed that Virgin wouldn't let me reedeem it for cash.

So yeah, life really couldn't be much sweeter. Well, I COULD be debt-free, but I'll get there. Back to my book now. :)