February 2nd, 2008

Thoughtful sunrise

Batavia, and everything else.

Batavia tea house at Southbank: GO THERE.

When I think of the amount of times I walked right past this place and never went in! Two of my favourite people took me there today and my mind is utterly blown by the intricacy and quality of the drinks they serve there. What an adventure! Kelly, when you're back at uni and my roster is set into a more predictable pattern and we start our joint laptop study/writing sessions, on the days when AFK is noisy, I'm going to drag us to Batavia. You will have much love for it, I promise!

This is a very disjointed entry. I'm genuinely mentally buggered and currently sipping a sugarfree V energy drink, which isn't really making a dent on the tiredness.

Thank god it's Friday. I've lost sleep every day this week, and while I'm absolutely not complaining over the cause (the wonderful, warm, and highly unusual situation we have now is time-limited and I wouldn't miss a second of it), I'm really looking forward to getting home tomorrow and just passing out 'til the afternoon.

Someone else summed up the past week best:

"every so often, have you had that feeling where your life, your world, your friends, everything, is just so beautiful and perfect and ... magical? that's what things are like for me right now. i have so much, overwhelmingly beautiful things around me... and it's not something i can have forever because i need to work soon, and moneys and movings. but right now? it's glowing. and my god, i am going to treasure the memories of this time in my life so close to my heart that as cold and lonely as i get, i think i'll always feel warm."

2008: year of changes. January's done with; let's review! It has been a good year so far, full of the kinds of changes I absolutely never predicted. People continue to surprise me in good ways, and I've surprised myself. After last year I teetered on cynicism but I can never carry that worldview off. I don't believe that people are inherently good or bad, but I believe that most people aim to be good. Cynicism carries less risk of disappointment - but I'd rather live my life believing in people and being disappointed now and then.

So far this year, I:

- discovered / acknowleged previously latent bisexuality.
- dispensed with the jealousy and grabbiness that had been putting strain on myself and others in the past
- changed some of my relationship worldviews
- planned two FANTASTIC holidays for this year
- paid off the first $10,000 on my block of land
- rediscovered something I'd honestly given up on
- found my happiness again, all on my own.

I was told a couple of things about Joey's mum this morning that warmed me to the core. I miss her and her clomping boots and motherly cooking skillz and Hagrid-hair, and the rainforst walks we went on together!

Also, AFK regulars - are we meant to be doing tacos instead this Tuesday night? Is someone organising this? Mmm, tacos.