March 25th, 2005

The Lion King: Simba: NYAH!

*reel* XD

Well, I was reeling and XD-ing last night; this morning I just have a sore head.

Misty, Bingo and Jaffa all came over. Robbie, Vix and I had bought two bottles of vodka, which ran out at about midnight, which is probably for the best considering most of us were reeling-drunk by that point. ^___^ We talked for ages, then played "I Never", then attempted to go out for more booze only to find that the bottle shop was shut (more on that later), then played an abortive game of "Truth or Dare" (but we were all too lazy to do dares). We also went through a bowl of mini Easter eggs between us.

Fun was had by all. *amused* When we went out to get more alky-mahol, the walking just made us drunker. Then this crazy puppy came after us... and bit Bingo on the ass. Seriously. That puppy was HYPER. It practically climbed his back! I literally rolled on the floor (lawn?) laughing. (Sorry Bingo).

Everyone ended up crashing here for the night. I got up and had a breakfast that consisted of two fried eggs, a slice of toast with homemade (tomato) pickles, camembert cheese and sweet chilli sauce.

My usual breakfast is a muesli bar. Drinking gives me morning appetite. OMFG NOM NOM.

Slight headache this morning, apologies for the badly-written nature of this entry. Brainstem is rebelling. *takes a couple of aspirin*

Bweheehee. On the ass! XD
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An entry about pussy

Made ya look.

In an hour or so we're gonna go to the Burabylla Cattery to view my Blue Burmese boy! :D We don't get to take him home for another fortnight, but at least I finally get to meet him. :)

And yes - his name will be Sawyer. I didn't even have to administer any beatings to get my way on that one. I simply pointed out that one of Tsunami's nicknames is "Naam-bread" (a play on Indian 'naan bread') and that we will now have a cat who can be called 'Soy Sauce', and who can argue with THAT logic? *licks finger and draws a line in the air* PWNED. ;D

* * *

I'm currently coloring a commission, and I actually sketched something little and fun for MYSELF last night - first time in months. I was really just warming up, but I might do cleanup and flat-color anyway, as it's fairly simple.

* * *

Seen GREAT movies lately. "Donnie Darko", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", and "Bubba Hotep" - the latter which is about Elvis fighting The Mummy. I'm aware it does not belong with those other two. *grins* It was still cheesy B-grade movie bliss, tho.

* * *

Last night we went to one of those giant liquidation sales in the Brisbane Convention Center - those crazy-ass anything-you-can-poke-a-stick-at sales that goes 'til midnight. Much fun-ness. I picked up some new underwear cheap (I LOVE UNDERWEAR!). Anyway, I bought a couple of sexy pairs of panties and more traditional cute pair of Bonds brand undies (with a fake 'fly' at the front). Robbie, Vix and I were all standing around talking and we had our OMGWTF Exchange Of The Day. In Vicki's defence, it was quite noisy at this sale...

Tania: "OK, I'm getting those two pairs, and these sensible Bonds undies."
Vicki: "What?"
Tania: "Huh?"
Vicki: "What did you say?"
Tania: <_< "I'm getting sensible Bonds undies." Vicki: "....tentacle porn undies??" Tania and Robbie: C_C XD Naturally, those undies will forevermore be referred to as my 'tentacle porn undies'. ^____^
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