March 23rd, 2005

Tania pratfall

I Never

Well, "Lost" is off the air for the next three weeks out here, but we can't do without our once-weekly gathering, so the usual invitation is still open to all. As for what we'll actually DO for three or four hours...

I say we bust open a bottle of vodka and play "I Never". I'm already plotting questions of the most delightfully EVIL nature.

For the uninitiated, "I Never" is a drinking game. Player one says "I never (insert something here), and anyone who HAS done that something has to take a sip of their tasty beverage. If the person who said "I never" was lying (if they HAVE done that something), they have to take a drink too. Loose rules, yeah, but that's half the fun.

When I first played this game with my clubbing buddy Bec four years ago, I took very few sips. Four years later, I'm SO gonna be on the floor.

And it's the evening of the EASTER HOLS, SO BRING IT ON!! XD FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

Work tomorrow is gonna drag out foreeeever. o_o

I need roleplay. *handcuffs Lola to the muck* Wait right there, you. ^_^
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