March 17th, 2005

Calvin & Hobbes: Destroy

The Road Tank

We bought our car over a year ago for less than two thousand (Australian) dollars, including registration and... well.. everything. 9_9; It's a Nissan Pintara from the early eighties. Its name is Penny. Penny Pintara.

OK, so it's ugly as sin. The color is listed as "champagne", but Robbie and I agree that "baby-poo brown" is more accurate.

However, like all cheap, ugly cars which embarrass the protagonists of a story (the story in this case being the story of Robbie and I), the damn car ROCKS.

Sure, the front driver's side door doesn't actually unlock from outside the car. Sure, there's a "trick" to opening the back left-hand door that poor Vix still hasn't mastered. OK, so we went without windscreen wipers for four months last year. Granted, the fuel guage only works when it feels like it. Yes, the oil light has a habit of switching on and off when there's no actual problem, thus scaring the CRAP out of whoever's driving. And yeah, the muffler recently pretty much dropped off, resulting in Robbie spending an oily day under the car bolting on a new one. BUT IT IS A ROAD TANK.

See, two days ago while I was at work (and I can't believe I forgot to write about this), Robbie got into a car accident, and this time it wasn't his fault. (Miracle, I know. He drives like Darrell.) Some guy was fiddling with his mobile phone instead of watching the road, and rear-ended Robbie at a roundabout.

The front other guy's car was basically bent inwards - BIG damage. Ours? Not a scratch. We did keep some of his paint on our bumper as a souveneir though. ;)

FEAR our road-tank.
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