March 16th, 2005

Ghostbusters - Ray & Slimer: Ohshit

Aussies, be afraid


He's dangling the prospect of tax cuts. Betting pool is now open - who thinks he will, who thinks he won't? (and if he DOES, but they're all tax cuts for the wealthy like last time, nobody wins. In every possible sense.) ;P
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Tania pratfall


LOST is gonna be off-the-air in Australia for three weeks over Easter as well. BASTARDS! >o<9 And here I thought us Aussies might catch up a little. Fat chance.

(It's still on tomorrow night, Bingo, Misty, Jaffa et al, but I'm not sure about after that - I'll hit teh TV guide website when I get home and check)

Ugh, just ate Indian for lunch (whaaaat? We get it for FREE once a week, ain't like I'm gonna turn THAT down) and I'm waaaay too full. Blah. I feel like throwing up, but without the actual nausea. I can live with that. Shall have to walk it off this afternoon. 9_9

On a GOOD note, I <3 asathena! Tell me where to Paypal, chica.

Crooooowww! I wanna post a note from Cavin on Garrett's latest entry and I can't remember the bloody password. Which reminds me, I've created us a joint character on the Muck. Will share teh pass next time I see ya, which prolly won't be til Sunday because I'm heading up to mum's on Friday night / part of Saturday. Hopefully alcohol will be involved. My mum knows how to par-tay. 9_9;

My lad has been "frisky" lately. OMFGGOODSEX!! ^____________^ Accordingly, my mood has been ultra-good these last few days. Aaahhhhh... *relaxes into a puddle*
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Tania pratfall

Fat Hitler

It's Autumn here now and the days are getting shorter and shorter - which means that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I make my own way home from work via a series of walks and public transport, I'm walking in the dark for the second half of the journey.

Anyway, I'm waiting at a bus stop near Buranda train station this evening. The 204 bus is getting progressively later and later on the auto-updating display, much to my annoyance. There's this old guy sitting on a nearby bench, apparently also waiting for the bus. He has a 2 litre bottle of Coke in a plastic bag. He looks eerily like a very fat Hitler. We make eye contact, so I smile, he smiles and nods, and then I go back to lounging around on my own bench and checking out the display.

Anyway, a couple of minutes later we make eye contact again. Now, there is a delicate and subtle series of rules about public behaviour anywhere you go in the world - some places you say 'hi' to everyone and smile, other places you mind your own damn business; it even varies from city to city in Australia. Sydney leans towards 'mind your own damn business'. Anyway, in my experience, Brisbane is the kind of place where if you make eye contact with someone, it's good to smile and say "hi" or "g'day", and you'll usually get the same in return. But once you've said your g'day, given your smile, that's it - no further conversation is necessary or encouraged.

So he meets my eyes again, and smiles and nods at me again in a weird kind of approving way, so I give him another quick smile and go back to studying the board and CRAP he's getting up and walking this way.

I figure he's just gonna ask something about the buses, so I pull my headphones off.

Fat Hitler: *has a heavy European accent* Would you like a drink?
Tania's Brain: Why yes. Of course I'd like a sip of your date-rape-drug-riddled Coke, you freak.
Tania: ^_^;; No thanks, I'm fine.
Fat Hitler: *persists, pushing drink at me* Come on, take a drink. Really, it's alright.
Tania's Brain: *searches for excuse* I don't drink Coke (true). I'm on a diet (true). DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU SUS BASTARD (true). I have a drink bottle in my bag (true)
Tania: Oh, no, really, I'm right, thanks. I have a drink bottle in my bag.
Fat Hitler: *shaking head, looking disappointed, and still waving the Coke at me* Really, it's fine, please feel free (blah blah)
Tania: *pulls headphones back on* >_>;;
Fat Hitler: *walks off, still shaking head*
Tania's Skin: *crawls*

And then he walked away from the bus stop. He wasn't even waiting for a bus. HE WAS JUST SITTING THERE WATCHING ME FOR TEN MINUTES FOR NO REASON.

And when the bus finally showed up, I watched out the window as we drove down the road, and there was Fat Hitler, sitting on a step half a block from the bus stop, just... watching.

Awaiting his next victim.



Seriously, tho. I tried to think of a way in which an old guy could innocently offer a young woman a drink from an opened Coke bottle and not realise how freaking suspicious that'd look. OK, so even if he's completely ignorant of the date rape drug epidemic, why did he act like it was the end of the world when I politely turned him down?

Lose six kilos and all the freaks start coming outta the woodwork. Or maybe it's this shirt. It's tight, dark red and cleavage-friendly. 9_9; I wore it last week and got a 'horn salute' from a truck driver. Eh. It's not VERY lowcut. -_- My black shirt is lower-cut than this, but for some reason, the red shirt always gets me into trouble. Hell, I suspect I may have been wearing this shirt the time some guys thought I was a prostitute and tried to pick me up. Yeah, for "WTF factor", tonight's incident doesn't even compare.

Hey, don't give me that look. This was way back in 2001. I was young, slim, dressed in almost-all-black, it was late at night and I'd been clubbing. I'd lost my clubbing buddy and was walking along the side of a street in Brisbane City from one club to anoher, alone. It was the guys in the car who made the mistake. They pulled up next to me and I was all... >_> o_o; ...and then I VERY POINTEDLY crossed to the other side of the street. I think they got the hint, 'cos they sped off again.

Red faces all around. ;P

*grin* Damn, if I'd been quicker I coulda made some cash. *ducks flying objects* KIDDING! XD
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