March 11th, 2005

Tania pratfall


I'm at home today. Yesterday was both the first day of my period, and the day I came down with this damn cold that everyone else has been passing around lately. @_@ I took cold and flu tablets, but those things fuck me up something awful. By 11 in the morning yesterday, I was dizzy to the point of not being able to see my screen. I asked to take an early lunch, and went upstairs and crashed on the futon. Michael came up an hour later and told me to go home, but I was feeling a little better, so after lying there for about an hour, I went back to work and persevered until 5:00. Booyah.

Not wanting a repeat of that, I'm safely at home today.

Robbie is spending the weekend at his grandparents. He invited me along, but I think I'll stay here and actually try to finish one of the three bloody million bits of half-finished art lying around the place! >_
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Blackadder - Blackadder: Scheming


*looks back at the comments on the second-to-last entry* TEN PEOPLE IN THE FIRST HOUR?? XD

This makes me feel so much better about being a gulliable tool myself. ;)
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Tania pratfall

Recurring Dreams

katie_can_draw asked an interesting question on her LJ - do you have any recurring dreams? What do you think they mean?

This was my answer:

All my life I've had a recurring dream about a tsunami wiping out my town. The events in the dream almost always happened differently: I'd lose my family, I'd lose them and then find them, my town would be a different town, and on one memorable occassion I saved a bunch of kids by barricading us all into a very heavy solid-concrete public toilet block (I don't think this would actually work in real life). The only factor in common was that I always survived, and everything else I loved was almost always wiped out. Though there was often despair in these dreams, they also came with an odd feeling of hope.

Haven't actually had any tsunami dreams since the REAL one hit. Go fig. :P

I think maybe the dreams were a metaphor for feeling overwhelmed... but I think the fact that I always survive the tsunami and often help other people to do the same is signifigant. That's my mind telling me not to worry - no matter how dire the situation, I have the strength and will to survive it.
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Tania pratfall

Corset Portfolio

This should so not have taken so long.

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Next up - Cake Portfolio! And the three or so half-colored commissions just sitting here! Yay! ACTUAL PROGRESS! OF SORTS!

This is also up on DA.

Graywolf, can I email you the 300 dpi flattened CMYK PSD? It's over 8mb. @_@ Here's hoping you have a Gmail account. If not, I'm happy to upload it to my server and send you the URL.
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