March 6th, 2005

Tania pratfall

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IT'S... EATING... MY BRAIN!! Thanks a lot, gypsyjr. ;) That'll be looping in my head all damn day. *snerk*


Lost-night was fun last week. Bingo, Misty, Jaffa and Sebkha all showed up and we had a blast. And b_dingo rocks - he's getting us a digital set-top box from his work so we can pick up Digital TV and watch Lost in widescreen (we have a widescreen TV, so this is a VERY good thing). ^__^ Which reminds me, you guys are welcome to come over earlier if it's easier for you. We generally get home around 6:30 at the latest on a Thursday night, so yeah - rock up whenever. :)

Mobile phone woes: Both our Nokia chargers stopped working at almost the same time a couple of weeks ago. Our phones gradually ran out of charge and switched themselves off. Yesterday we finally got around to buying a new charger for forty bucks. We got it home, plugged it in... and nothing. @_@ Tried on Robbie's phone, nothing. AAAUGH! We ended up figuring that something is wrong with both of the BATTERIES. Grargh.

Both the phones were bought in the same shop on the same day by my Mum, who gave them to us for Christmas. Problem being, she has the receipts, and she lives over two hours away by car. I'm gonna have to call her today and ask her to send the receipts, 'cos new batteries are expensive. ;_; I hope she hasn't thrown 'em out.

We spent yesterday at Dad's place and hit the beach, which was awesome. The Pigweasel (Jesstopher / the Gestalt Entity / Chris-and-Jess) had their moments over the weekend, foremost of which was Jess refusing to do the grocery shopping until we three had left because she seemed to think we'd eat them out of house and home; and Jess ripping into Vix because Vix put together a little bit of a jigsaw puzzle that Jess was working on). All in all, they weren't at their WORST, though - far from it. We also got to see the new house that dad has bought. He's selling the current one, but letting Chris and Jess live in it until it sells, and letting them hold onto most of his furniture for that duration. After that, they're on their own - Dad FINALLY did the smart thing and told them that when he and Jean moved into the new place, Chris and Jess aren't coming. And before Chris could take up the "how could you do that to your SON?" wail (keep in mind that Chris is 19 years old and has a full-time job - he's not exactly helpless), Dad very cleverly told Chris that HE was welcome to come, but Jess wasn't - it was to be a family-members-only thing. Dad knows that Jess won't let Chris live somewhere without her (even if she only lives 20 minutes drive away), so he's managed to get rid of both of them while remaining squeaky-clean in the 'good parenting' stakes.

Good for him. He's finally standing up for himself. I think Jean had a great deal to do with this, though - she PAID for half of this new house, and I think she just refused, hands-down, to live in her own house with Jessica. Jean is the first to bluntly say that Jess is a control freak, even when she's living in someone elses's house with someone else's family.

Anyway. The Reign of Terror is over. I said to Robbie, "I can't wait to see how they cope out there on their own." He replied, a touch bitterly, that they'll get by just fine. People like them always do, because they're ruthless; they'll take what they want from this world without a thought for anyone else. So yeah. They'll get by fine.

I got a really weird email this weekend, and I'm still trying to decide what to do about it, because it's not something that affects me - it's something that affects Robbie. I'd love some advice, but it's not right to talk publically about it. *thinks* I'll call Mum. Gotta ask her about the phones anyway.
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