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OMFG! I hit 65kg! (143 pounds, for those unitiated into the Metric system) WOOHOO!! Goalpost #2 is PWNED!!

How shall I reward myself? (keep in mind it can't be foody - that would be slightly hypocritical - and I don't have much money, so it can't be overly expensive).

I could always take Harry Potter #6 as my reward... which reminds me, I REALLY gotta call that bookstore. The eve of Potter draws near. :3

I have now lost 11.5 kilograms (24 pounds). I have also lost more than half of my original goal, which was to lose 20kgs. Am now also about as slim as I was when I met Robbie. Incidentally, I think he might be starting to feel somewhat sheepish about all this, because he now wants to start jogging with me. *grin* Gosh, that's gonna be fun. We'll both be so incredibly lame and unfit on the first outing. Jog for two minutes... walk for five. Jog for another two... stagger for five. ;D

I'm amused at just how many replies that locked entry got, by the way. *grin* Some things are universally relateable.
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