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Sliced cheese = WINNAH!

Bingo finished my jeans! :D Backstory: b_dingo graffiti'd a pair of his jeans with black fabric markers, and they look awesome, and now everyone wants a piece of his cool. So I commissioned him (hah! He needs to charge more. A LOT more.) to do a pair of mine in a particular shape - curled up one leg, around the butt, and peeking around the other side.

He did it in one day. o.O And it looks awesome!

The only problem is I'd anticipated it taking a month, and I don't quite FIT these jeans yet - they're a pair my mum gave me. So, wow, talk about having another reason to lose weight!

Oh, and the cheese joke? This formula holds the secrets to happiness:
Cheese Knife + Cheese = Sliced Cheese = Winner.

You'll have to ask b_dingo. His mind works in mysterious ways.

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