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Why? Whyyyy??

Why was I mature about the Paid Account thing? Whyyyyy? T_T

OK, so the money went where it was important, but NOW the Eljay admins tell us that Permanent Accounts get 100 userpics, and any remaining paid time on your account can be transferred to another account. T_T Dayum... I have over six months left; I could've given it to crikeyduck, or to a friend.

Lifetime account! *sob* Validation of my addiction to the wonder of Blog!


I'm almost tempted to take another commission, but I don't even know what time it is in the US (and thusly how much time is left before the offer expired) but there's only twenty hours left (thanks Katarina!) and I doubt I could get it organised on time. 9_9 Plus I'd have to pay with a money order or some shiznit. Wait, apparently they're accepting Paypal. rosequoll, thought you might be interested to know that. They don't SAY they're accepting it on the news page, but it's an option on the order page. Should make things easier for you.

Ugh. Maybe I should. I just hate to imagine how much they'll be charging next time. 9_9

Anyway, back to my scheduled bitching: *grumble* For future reference? The BS about maturity being it's own reward is, well, BS. To paraphrase Whyrl: Goddammit I want the SHINEY!!

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