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Well, there go my interview jitters. I got home, read my friends list, and found this waiting for me from Arphalia. *grin*

* * *

God Dammit Tania! o_o

Every time I sit and try to sketch out Zakiya its nothing but ASS.

Kiya's ASS. She's got this trademark killer ass and it is haunting me.

I bet everybody draws her ass. I wanna draw her ass. But I bet you're tired of all ass ass ASS... So help me if the next attempt is all ass cause I will rip the page its on right outta my sketchbook and spank it!

Ass@$$assASSjebusthatsALotOASS. Bhut. Rear end. Hiney. Caboose. Bootocks. Fanny. Dieriererrereierererrr. .____. Okay I feel better. Move along people. Show's over. No Zakiya ass here. Nope.

*wraps Zakiya up in a parka*

Now you just sit right there and behave yourself. *strangles pencil* You too!

(Hi Tania. ^_^;; Don't mind me. Your Zakiya is just being a pain in the . . . OHGODIWON'TSAY IT!)

Ass. >_<

* * *
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