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Yesterday was... interesting. And not at all what I expected.

We actually had a pretty good time with Dad and Jean. Jean's comments about 'coons' (talking about the Aboriginal population) caused Robbie and I to exchange sickened glances a couple of times. Ordinarily I'd not let someone talk like that without picking them up on it, but I love my father, and he's happy, and that's perhaps one of the few things in the world that I will STFU for.

Kinda wish HE'D say something to her, though. And I swear to god, if I ever hear DAD use that particular nasty word, I'll let him have it with both barrels. ~_~ Because he's not like that.

Anyway, it was a damn hot day, and we did a lot of walking, but we ended up on a Rivercat at Southbank and went all the way up and down the Rivercat routes on the Brisbane River, which was lovely. Copping a 60-kilometer-per-hour breeze in the face is one way to stay cool. The river was beautiful that day.

We wound up in Bulimba, an upmarket little suburb noted for excellent cafes and restaurants, and we ate at this place called "The Tomato Brothers". The name doesn't do it justice - the food was incredible (and Dad paid for lunch - squee!). So we wound up staying out with Dad and Jean until after 4pm, at which point we rushed home 'cos we were still determined to go to the movies. And oh MAN was that a beeyootch. We got to the local (Carindale) cinema at 6pm to discover that the only session of Phantom was at 8:40. *flail* So we went to Chermside cinemas - 15 minutes away, and got there to find that YES, they had a 7:15 session... and it was full. @_@ At this point we were both frustrated, got kinda snappy, and wound up having an argument on the drive back to Carindale. Fortunately our arguments tend to be very constructive (or they end up that way, anyhow) and we determined that Robbie has been frustrated lately because a tiny part of him resents the fact that I'm still out of work, and we worked out that I've been frustrated lately because between Robbie's work and his general tiredness, he has hardly any time or energy left for me, and I sort of resent that, and I know I shouldn't resent that, so I feel guilty about it, which makes me feel even worse.

We're good now. We both feel loads better. Oh yeah, and we ended up having a nice leisurely dinner and going to the 8:40 session of Phantom of the Opera at Carindale, and it was goooooooood. Wish they'd gotten a better singer to play the Phantom, though.

Robbie's assessment of the movie: "Congratulations to everyone's breasts. They were outstanding. And I mean that in the most literal sense."

Minnie Driver was awesome. And I sense a parody pic coming on. >:)

Further good news: there were TONS of potential jobs in the paper this week (which may be because I expanded my 'potential jobs to apply for' category to include call center work).

So, as always, please wish me luck. I shall be in a whirlwind of job applications come tomorrow.


Which reminds me - if I start hosting 'Lost'-watching evenings, are any of the local Brisbanites interested? We're a bit low on seating space, but if we move the coffee table and put some pillows down, we should be a-ok. :)
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