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Can't talk. Working.

...on the pilot script for Path of the Argos. :3

And Vix is doing the beats for another script in her room. Longhand. c_c This is a luxury available only to those who can read their own handwriting.

Broadband is connected, but we'll need to buy a hub before we can get it to run on both computers. Oyy. And the poor installation guy... not only did he have to wrestle with my not-so-mean-machine (Win 98 on a Pentium 3 233, 127 mbs of RAM, 10gig hard drive), but the neighbor was mowing his lawn while the guy was here, and the poor bugger had the worst hay fever I've ever seen.

Back to the script.

I hate trying to format these things. Specific paragraph alignments, spacing, courier font and very specific rules about indenting. I lust after scriptwriting software.

Now, back to the script. For real. ^_^;
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